29 December 2008

I've got tatting mail

Yes today the postman brought me a big white-blue envelope from the US. Do you want to see what was inside it ??? OK you just have to see what was there, lol:
First some lovely postcards and a magnet which should give you a clue who it is from because it is from Southern California and I only know one person there.

Doesn't it look like a very nice place to be? Blue water, palm trees, sunshine - I would not mind exchange that for the cold winter here right now. I am sorry my picture is not that good but I hope you are able to see how nice it looks anyhow.
Next picture includes some awesome tatting and a funny reindeer card, I think it's all homemade, have a look please:
It must be Rudolph in the middle and their little bells do ring, lol. They are so cute and I love them enormously. Best of all though are the 4 snowflakes at the top. I wish you could see how lovely they are, such nice stitches and they have had a good stiffener so I can have them hanging for years. Please believe me when I tell you they are awesome and I am very lucky to be picked to have these. I will treasure them like I have treasured all the tatting I have been given from fellow tatters through my online tatting years.
And finally there's another cute magnet in the shape of a sandal - must be appropriate with all those beaches they seem to have there.
I am definitely a lucky girl today and I want to thank you the sender of all these goodies. Have you guessed who it is ?
TattingChic, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and I want to thank you a million times for all these things and for being my friend. "Tusind tak" and I promise you that your snowflakes will have a good home here with me.

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

Tonight is the big Christmas evening here in DK where everyone celebrates the birth of Christ with huge dinners, walking round the tree singing and finally opening presents. So to all my blogging friends a "Glædelig jul" and thank you for your friendship.

Some years I have tatted a Christmas item to put in the cards I am sending. This year I have only been able to tat 10 of the above stockings which I have given to my workmates and a few others. I have done this years ago and I knew it didn't require mork work than I could cope with. It is not my design.
Merry Christmas everyone.

23 December 2008

My first HDT tatting

Below is my first tatting done with hand dyed threads. It is Pamela's rainbow thread size 20 and the white is a DMC size 30. Don't know why the same thread size didn't work for both of them but it didn't.
I did not want to loose any tiny bit of such a lovely thread and that is why I tatted my usual bookmark - this will be for myself, lol. The rainbow thread worked just fine, a lovely colour and a lovely thread.

The bookmark is not my design and therefore I can not share it, I found it on a Japanese website that is no longer online, as far as I know. I believe the pattern or something very close to it can also be found in one of the Dover books, sorry I can not remember which one and I do not have time to look for it just now. If someone is eager enough I think one of my pictures and the info that there are either 2, 4 or 8 ds between picots should be enough to do it.

30 November 2008

A start

This favourite bookmark was the one I decided to do as the first tatting after the break. It is done now and isn't perfect but it is a start. Hopefully I will be able to do a couple of things for Christmas now even though I can only tat a couple of rings and chains at a time.
It is not easy for me to tat yet, I have a problem with bending my wrist and also 1-2 fingers. It's taken a lot longer than expected this time and it is not only a question of age but not sure what else it is caused by. It is a pain when you can not use your hand properly after 8 weeks and it also hurts. It is so annoying but I do hope to be able to tat something bigger again one day.

01 November 2008

A Day With a Lot of Tatting

Yahooooo, what a great day it has been so far today, almost a tatting day, lol. At least a tatting day in the meaning that my new Sewmate shuttles without a point have arrived from the US. The colours are so pretty and the Sewmate shuttle I already have is very nice even though the point cuts my fingers a little bit.
I really welcomed the postie today because besides the shuttles he also brought me my Guild magazine. I have mentioned that before so I am going to show the front of the latest issue here.
It's been almost as good as doing some tatting, roflol. I am sure I will sit and drool over the magazine most of this day, oh I think I have already seen a doily in it that is a must-do, there's a cute grey Christmas mouse, a Celtic Christmas tree and some other stuff. And there's also some interesting reading about some tatdays and about the Horstmar 2008 Tat-day that even some ladies from Japan were able to attend.

31 October 2008

I have been shopping

Hooray for online shopping. I have been buying some more Highly Dangerous Threads while waiting to get able to do some tatting again. This time I have bought threads from Pamela over in Ireland and they arrived today.

I just had to have some of the rainbow threads that so many seems to love and some apple blossom and a few solids ones. I got 2 skiens in size 20 and the rest are size 40. I can not wait to get back to tatting and working with these lovely colours. Maybe there will be something in that new Russian book that I can tat with some of these colours.

22 October 2008


I am in such a withdrawl (abstinenser in Danish, lol), I so desperately want to tat something, no matter what it is just anything, roflol. Stitches got out Monday but it is not yet good enough to try and grab a shuttle and make rings and chains. Oh, it is soooo hard to be so patient, usually I am able to be patient but not this time, I think I have run out of patience by now, lol. Anyone know where I can buy some more of that???
It is a comfort to know that there are so many out there thinking of me, so a big thank you to all those who have posted a comment here on my blog, at least I am able to write her. But anything fiddly like zippers and buttons are hard to handle, and don't even think of shoelaces.

I can not write here without posting a picture. Sometime back I showed my inherited bone shuttles, the picture above is my wooden shuttles and they all have a story. The "ICT 2005" shuttle was one we had made when we celebrated the first year of online chatting (International Chat Tatters). The "Neil Keats" shuttle is the one I won at the Whittlesea Show in 2006 for my variegated and white square doily (early posting on the blog).
The 2 shuttles to the right are from my visit to Australia in 2006, the Kangaroo one I bought at the NSW Guild meeting in Sydney that Ginny and I attended and the one in the lower right corner is one that Jenni and Maureen had made to celebrate the 4 of us meeting each other in Brisbane.
I do try to tat with all of them once in a while and they are such nice memories to have from some very special occasions.
Now I will go back to lurkdom, and even if I can not tat yet I do vist blogs and drool over the stuff you do and dream of what I am going to do in a week or two - perhaps.

12 October 2008

Oh so slowly

Sometimes we think time is running so quickly but that is not my problem at the moment because I think it is going so SLOWLY. I have to admit that I miss my tatting tremendously but I at least have to wait 2 weeks or more, :-(
If you look to the right here you'll see why it is completely out of question to even think of trying to tat. With this huge bandage it will take some time to get it working again I am afraid.
A friend of mine have just returned home from Kazakstan and Uzbekistan this week and he went to 7 stores over there before he found this book for me.
I have been told it is called "Macrame and Frivolite" and there are a couple of designs I will try one day, if I am able to figure out the patterns because they are not drawn in the usual manner and I can not read Russian at all. But anyhow I will try and maybe my friend will have to help me even though he does not know anything about tatting.
But it was kind of him to bring it home to me and maybe I can send a booklist with him next time.

05 October 2008

Not enough time unfortunately

I had been hoping to be able to finish the little doily below tonight but there was not enough time unfortunately. :-(
The pattern is from Anne's Norwegian site and called Tiri's brik.
I am not sure when I will be able to finish it but it might take some weeks. So my blog will probably also be silent till I am back.

Tomorrow I am having surgery on my left hand because a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have been bothering me for almost a year. I had the same surgery in my right hand about 20 years ago so I am not really scared and I know it will help so I am able to tat, knit and whatever I want to do again in some weeks.
Not sure how long till I am able to tat again, I did not tat when my right hand was done, lol. But till I will be back make sure to do some lovely tatting that I can drool over. Happy tatting folks.

04 October 2008

Tatting up a storm.

I am busy tatting up a storm before I have to take a break for some weeks where I will not be able to tat. I am working on something I hope to finish on Sunday but here is the latest finished tatting.

It is another motif from the Spitzen-Kreationen book, a corner of a tablecloth from that book. I thought it was an intersting shape and it worked well in my opinion. Right now I tat mostly in white, I can not decide what colours to use.

29 September 2008

A Tuesday Tat Night

Tuesday last week we had another of those great tat sessions online. We worked on another Frauberger design - the one on the front cover actually - and I have just been able to finish it this weekend. So here comes another fiddly design from that awesome book:

I used Aida size 20 and I do not think that was the right choise because more and more I get the feeling that when there are some large rings or chains then this thread does not look good, I think this thread at least reguires quite a few picots on those large rings and chains. The one above looks clumsy or at least not very delicate and lacy. But for lots of other stuff it is such a nice thread to tat with.

25 September 2008

Spitzen is all over

Some late birthday prezzies from myself, it really has been a tatting birthday this year. I got 2 more books and some bangles that is supposed to be my Christmas tatting this year if I am able to make them. Depending on how quickly my left hand will recover I suppose.

Looks like it is the season for Spitzen or snowflakes because they seem to be all over right now. I was inspired by a very good tatting friend to get these new books above.
I think I will like them and will enjoy very much doing some of the designs when I can find the time to do it. And I have to figure out those odd looking diagrams too. But 2 yummy books - if books can be yummy, lol.

17 September 2008

What a treat

I have had a lovely surprise for my birthday, what an awesome treat I got. It's a reproduction of 2 old German tatting books with some lovely designs.
And like Tattingchic have done with her new books I will give you a small impression of some of the stuff that is in the book.

First a triangle but I think it can be turned into something else if you prefer that.

The next one is a square and as you can see there seems to be many designs with those onion rings in the book. But that is ok because I can manage those, at least I used to.

Here is another square, and what a beauty it is. More the traditional type of tatting that we know so well from the older books I believe, but those are in general the ones I am best at too - just rings and chains it seems.

There are aslo a coupe of butterflies, lots of edgings, some snowflakes and almost round doilies.
Below is one I did from the book.

Jenni and I have had another online tatting session and did this one, I was asked to choose a pattern and unfortunately I seem to have chosen perhaps the most fiddly design of them all. This have not been blocked yet but it is looking all right I think. Even though I got those front and back sides mixed up while I was tatting, lol.
The notation of the patterns is a bit strange at least till you find out how it works, and then of course it is written in German so it takes a little time to figure out the patterns. It was such a huge help that we were two that were able to assist each other. But I think it is worth it and I am sure this book will take up a lot of my time in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you very much Jenni and Maureen for having gifted me this treat, but I still think it was too much to do for me. "Tusind tak".

16 September 2008

Back to tatting

I am trying to get back to tatting and my blog, but I have hardly tatted for 4 weeks so there has not been anything to post here, it was just like I had run out of ideas and I didn't have the urge to tat. I hope that will change in the coming days because yesterday my Aussie mate and I had another online tatting session, lovely it is possible to do it in that way when we can not meet in person. I will see if I can finish the motif we worked on tonight.
The other day I did the two bangles above. I am desperately trying to find a pattern that will suit those bangles - these are not perfect but will do for now. If anyone knows of a pattern in size 20-30 thread that will fit these bangles please let me know where to look.

09 August 2008

From UFO to FO

I guess we all have UFO's, but now I have got one less. This is 4 squares by Fujisge that I have put together for something larger. It is a very nice square motif to tat and it was started a year or more ago and I have just finished it.
Thread is an old ball of DMC size 40. Now I think there's 2 UFO's left, but not sure they will be done right now. A life without UFO's sounds strange.

29 July 2008

A birthday doily

I have done another doily. I have a friend who's having a birthday late next week. I think this will be part of her present.
It is a part of a larger Polish doily that I did in Cebelia size 30 - the coloured threads are some she brought me from Germany a few years back so I think it is appropriate to pay her back this way.
I do not have much else to say. It's been very hot for some days and almost impossible to be thinking, I think I have started to feel braindead.
Take care till next time.

16 July 2008

Pastime tatting

Just a small picture of my latest tatting, another nice, small doily by Lene Bjoern that was in my last Guild magazine. Only a small picture because I don't have much to say, it is again the time for pastime tatting I guess.
But a pastime is good to have if you look out my window it is raining buckets right now and 10 minutes ago it was a beautiful sunshine. I suppose it is a typical summer up here and not one of those hot and dry ones. I am glad I made it home from the market before it started.
Now the big question is, what will I tat next. Hhhmmm.

06 July 2008

A special treat

Now I also have some HDT that I bought from Yarnplayer (thank you) so let me show them here. They are called Purple Punch and Fern, and I think they are soooo pretty.
Now the big problem is what to tat with them but firstly how do I turn them into balls of thread. Something for me to think over for a while because I have never had any of these before.
And a special treat for Lady Shuttlemaker over in Korea because she wanted to see the yellow flower I bought at the market some days back.
Picture was taken when it needed some water and that is why it looks a bit poorly here, but I have taken care of that since then. Sorry, I have fogotten the name for this, I guess it was not important when I bought it.
Now that is 2 special treats within the same week, lol.

22 June 2008

Tatting for a little boy

Melissa mentioned those tatted fish would be great for something for a little boy and she is absolutely right, so I have better show here what I had in mind.
It is for a little baby boy to be born in October of this year. I have been allowed to contribute with some tatting for a quilt that is being made for him.
But those little 3 fish were not enough, so here is a picture of all the stuff I tatted for his quilt. Because it is for a boy it had to be done in blue, even though I have never seen a blue foal in the real world, lol.
The foal is from Inga Madsen's animal book, the heart can be found online, the lace is from those bookmarks I love to do and there's also one piece that I came up with.
Al den orkis der kan ses på billedet er lavet til en lille dreng der bliver født senere i år, derfor et blåt føl og nogle blå fisk, selvom de ikke findes i den virkelige verden. Det var sjovt at lave føllet, endnu et godt mønster fra Ingas bog. Den ene strimmel orkis er min egen opfindelse, at kalde det for et mønster er måske lige i overkanten.

19 June 2008

Little fishes

Here is a picture of 3 little fish that I have tatted.
What they are going to be used for will be a secret for a little while, but they are kind of cute.

Pattern is from my Guild magazine, the idea is to use that leftover thread on your shuttles for these little fishes that can be given away at demo'es etc.

17 June 2008

Tatting Heirlooms

Having mentioned that I have my Aunt’s tatting stuff I was encouraged to show them, so I am going to show my tatting heirlooms here. There are 5 of her shuttles and 4 of them are made of bone, there’s a stork scissors with genuine gold and then 2 hankies that she tatted. The one to the left is her own and I have no idea how old it is. The one to the right I think was made for me and in that case it is from 1970. She learned to tat when she was around 10 years or a little older so it must have been around 1927-1930 and she tatted on and off her entire life even though she could only see with one eye. I recall having seen her doing a few hankies and then doilies. Maybe that is why I like doing doilies because I sort of grew up with them and I got my first 2 doilies when I was a teenager.
She died in 1996 and I inherited all her tatting stash because I was the only one in the family who tatted. She was not able to tat the last year or so because she was getting senile and didn’t master the flip anymore. But she did experience that I had learned to tat a couple of years earlier and I think she was a bit proud that I wanted to learn her craft. She did try teaching me but it didn’t work so I went to classes one winter to learn it.
She also had 3-4 books and some patterns from older magazines, I even inherited quite a few balls of mainly white DMC thread in different sizes. The shuttles and books etc. are now good heirlooms for me and one of her Danish tatting books is the most precious book I have. It would have been nice if she could know how much joy tatting brings me and how important it is in my life, for me her stuff today is a very nice memory of her.
Skytterne, saksen og lommetørklæderne er arvestykker efter en moster som lærte at orkere omkring 1927-1930 og fortsatte med det næsten det meste af livet. Sammen med nogle få bøger og mønstre fra forskellige blade er de i dag et kært minde om hende for mig. Heldigvis nåede hun at opleve, at jeg lærte at orkere og jeg tror hun var stolt af, at jeg havde lært hendes lille håndarbejde.

13 June 2008

A pink doily - oh dear

When telling my tatting mate about this I have referred to it as my "pink monster doily". I don't like pink much and never really have, even when I was a little girl I loved red but not pink. So why have I used that colour for this one, you might ask.
First of all I knew it didn't have to be either white or blue, it had to be something else. And I am trying to use some of those threads that have not really worked for me before, like the 5-6 large balls of Cebelia size 30 that a friend bought for me on a sale in Germany some years back.

I don't like this thread I have used for yet another square, not just the colour but also because it breaks easily when I am closing the rings. It is not only a question of my tension which I know is tight, I also think the thread tangles or twists a bit or something when you make the rings and then they sort of lock when you are closing them. And if you really have to pull them to close them properly the thread will break now and then.
So often there's a sort of a gap when the rings have been closed and when I started the chains I had to make sure the first stitches were very tight. It might not be visible but I know it is like that and that is way too much. So I have better find a non-tatter to give this too, so noone will be able to see those things, roflol.
Yes Maureen, I do know you like pink, I am glad someone does then my struggle with this have not been done in vain.
Jeg har aldrig rigtig brudt mig om farven pink, alligevel har jeg brugt den her fordi det ikke altsammen skal være enten hvidt eller blåt. Og på en eller anden måde skal jeg jo have brugt de 6 store nøgler Cebelia #30 som en veninde en gang købte til mig i Tyskland. Men det har været svært at undgå nogle små mellemrum ved ringenes basis, fordi det er svært at trække ringene ordentligt sammen med denne tråd uden at den knækker. Det er ikke kun fordi jeg orkerer meget fast, det er også fordi tråden ligesom snurrer om sig selv og dermed låser. Godt det er overstået, for det var så hårdt for mit venstre håndled også.

27 May 2008

The last doily in May

Yes I know, a stupid title for this. But on the other had it is true, it will be the last doily I will tat in May, roflol.
It comes right from the shuttle so sorry if the picture is not a good one, it was taken in a hurry.
Somehow I am actually a little bit proud of myself, because it is done in Cebelia size 30 and DMC 30 (the white one), and that cebelia thread used to break a lot for me once, and therefore I was thinking maybe the thread was old or my tension was way too tight (both might be possible too). I am trying very hard not to tat too tight so I can use the thinner threads - I was able to do it a little once upon a time so it should be possible to get back to it. Problem is to get it look as tight and neat as it does when I tat in size 20.
Oh the pattern is from Anne's website in Norway, thank you for sharing the pattern.

Den sidste flakon lavet i denne måned. Jeg har brugt Cebelia størrelse 30, forhåbentlig kan jeg på et tidspunkt igen orkere med de der tyndere tråde, det er i hvert fald derfor jeg prøver at arbejde med fastheden i min orkis.
Mønsteret tilhører Anne fra Norge, mange tak for at gøre mønsteret tilgængeligt online.

24 May 2008

Ice cream tatting

I have had a request to show my ice cream cone here even though it is a couple of years since I did it, so here it is. I believe it was some sort of challenge for the hardcore ICT-tatters, lol. I think one or two have melted since then so not sure we all have a picture to show, roflol.
Mine is vanilla with sprinkles. It was a bit fiddly to tat but it looks good. Pattern is designed by Nancy from Be-Stitched.com . Icecream is always nice and very nice on a hot day so you can cool down for a little while.
Jenni, do you remember Ballarat???
If you should happen to go there then do remember that ice cream is not available there on a Monday, we found out that their icecream shop is closed on that day, lol. We circled around the same streets a couple of times, roflol, and finally asked one of the locals and then we saw it was closed on Mondays. Such a big place and only one icecream shop. Unbelievable, lol.
Jeg er blevet opfordret til her at vise min orkerede vanilje isvaffel med krymmel, selvom den er af ældre dato og bloggen egentlig er tænkt til mine nye ting. Men det er jo is og det er altid dejligt, så her er den.
Designet skyldes Nancy fra Be-Stitched.com, der kan man få tilsendt en fil med et nyt og gratis mønster hver tredje måned, når man altså har meldt sig til.

09 May 2008

Tatting doilies

This is another doily that was finished a month ago but I did not have time to hide ends and scan it till last night. It is called "Gypsophile" and can be found in "La Frivolite fine et precieuse".It is another blue and white one - wonder when that phase will end, lol This was also a good one to tat, as I recall it today, even though I also had to use the iron to make it lie absolutely flat.
I have been asked how I am able to tat so many doilies. Well most nights when I watch TV then I also tat, so I do not feel that it takes a lot of time to do them. I have to admit that I like tatted doilies a lot, I call myself a doily-holic.
Maybe it is because they were the first things I saw in tatting when I grew up and my aunt tatted me 2 smaller doilies before I turned 15. Doilies and edgings is all that I recall she tatted. I still have to tat my first edging though.
Her er endnu en hvid og blå flakon som jeg lavede i sidste måned. Jeg skal altså snart slå over i en anden farve end blå. Mønsteret er fra en fransk orkisbog.
At orkere flakoner er et godt tidsfordriv når jeg ser TV, og jeg må indrømme, at jeg godt kan lide at lave dem. Måske fordi flakoner og blonder var hvad min moster orkerede da jeg voksede op, men jeg har stadig min første blonde til gode.

08 May 2008

Snowflake in May

It is the most incredible and beautiful spring around here with temperatures around and above 20 C, and yet I have been tatting a snowflake, lol.
I was inspired after having seen Tattingchic's picture at Etatters and I just had to do it because I liked it so much. The pattern is a Tina Frauberger design and perhaps I chose the wrong colour for it, it is a Flora size 20.
I had on my mind that sometimes snow can be so white that it's got a vague blue shine, but of course this thread also have a pink one and I have not seen that in real life. Well I am most certain that this will not be the last time I tat it, it was such a big pleasure to do it.
And anyhow it is a beautiful snowflake. Even in May.
Det er nok fjollet at orkere dette design når det er maj måned og det flotteste forårsvejr man næsten kan tænke sig, hvor temperaturen er omkring eller over 20 grader og solen skinner fra en skyfri himmel. Men jeg måtte prøve denne, selvom den egentlig hører julen til. Men måske valgte jeg den forkerte farve tråd, for nok kan sne have et blåt skær over sig, men jeg har godt nok aldrig set den pinke farve. Næste gang vælger jeg en bedre farve, for der bliver en næste gang.

27 April 2008

I am irresolute - not anymore

I am so irresolute. For more than a week I have not worked on this doily below. I can not make up my mind if I am going to finish this round or cut it off and say it is done. Why - because I can see that the clovers on the last round are overlapping and I think they are overlapping too much for the ironing being able to solve the problem. It worked fine untill this round of clovers and it is definitely not because my joining picots are too big, the crochet hook should be able to be put through them after all.It is such a loveley doily and I would like to see it finished but I do not want to waste my good threads if it does not work.

As you can see above I am not irresolute anymore because last night I cut off what I had tatted on the last round. It is a smaller doily now but still a beautiful one and if it does not fit the purpose I had in mind then I will use it for something else. I did try to iron it first but it didn't work for me, so this is the best solution for me. And Linda can still be proud of her design, because I really like it this way.
Pokkers også at denne sidste omgang betyder, at jeg ikke kan få denne flakon til at ligge ordentligt fladt på underlaget og jeg er usikker på om brug af strygejernet gør en forskel. Den er så pæn og jeg ville så gerne se den lavet færdig, men på den anden side vil jeg heller ikke spilde mit gode garn på den, hvis det nu ikke virker. Så derfor har den ligget stille i mere end en uge. Men hvad så hvis jeg klipper den sidste omgang af, vil jeg så fortryde det også.
Åh, hvor vægelsindet har man dog lov at være. :-(
Jeg besluttede mig for at klippe det på sidste omgang af, og jeg synes stadig det er en fin flakon, den er bare mindre end jeg havde forestillet mig.

18 April 2008

Right from the shuttle

This was finished tonight, so it comes right from the shuttle. It is from Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito.
I felt there were a million little motifs to be joined on the last two rounds, so much to keep track of so it didn't get twisted and to join them in the right picots. Also at least a million ends to deal with, darn.
Wonder why is so much of my tatting is blue for the time being!!!!!
I am working on something else but I do not know how it will turn out in the end unfortunately so I am wondering what to do with it right now. My arm is a little sore tonight too, so maybe I should stay away from the shuttles for a night or two, if am able to.
Modellen er fra en af mine japanske bøger, den ene af mine to foretrukne bøger fra solens land. Denne var en udfordring for mig på grund af alle de små motiver der var at holde styr på og at få dem fæstet de rigtige steder. Til sidst var der så mindst en million trådender at tage sig af og det hader jeg.

09 April 2008

Pictures of doilies

This is a doily called "The Arches" designed by Marilee Rockley and the pattern can be found on her website. I started this in May-June 2007 but have not been able to finish it till 2008. A very nice doily to tat in deed.
Below is a doily from a French tattting book. It looks OK but it was so hard to get it to lie flat, it really did need a lot of ironing. Reminds me of the doilies my aunt did a lot.
Den øverste startede jeg sidste år men har først kunnet færdiggøre den nu. Den var rar at lave og mønsteret kan findes på internettet.
Den nederste var meget svær at få til at ligge fladt, jeg var nød til at bruge strygejernet intenst. En skam for det er en klassisk type flakon, minder mig om dem min moster lavede mange af og som altid lå fladt på bordet.

31 March 2008

Tatting in March 2

Soon it wont be March any longer so I have better post the last of my work from this month.
First an Easter egg designed by Inge-Lise who is an almost local tatter that allowed me to test tat this.
A very nice egg to tat and the reciever liked it so thanks to Inge-Lise who I will probably soon meet in real life too - yahoo.
Below are 2 smaller doilies, I believe they are both Italian, from those mags called Il Lavoro......... Nice little stuff to tat.
Next pictures that will be added here will be bigger things - but that will be next month, lol.
Sidste dag i marts så jeg må hellere poste de sidste arbejder fra denne måned. Påskeægget er Inge-Lises design som jeg fik lov at prøve - mange tak, det er et fint påskeæg.
Nederst to mindre flakoner eller motiver fra de der italienske magasiner. Næste billeder her vil være af større ting - men det er først i næste måned. ;-D

27 March 2008

My largest doily so far - I think so

I finished this big green one last night - just in time for spring, lol. It is funny to recall, that I started it in Maureen's house in September 2006, tatted on it on Jenni's deck in October 2006 and have just finished it at home. So it has taken me a long time to finish it - have done other stuff in the meantime and also had long tatting breaks. The diameter is 32 cm (around 12 inches) and it is one of the biggest I have ever done. The thread is Coats size 20 and the design belongs to Mary Maynard.
Jubii, denne store grønne sag (ikke grønsag) er endelig færdiglavet. Og det har altså ikke taget halvandet år at orkere den, der har været en mængde afbrydelser, men det er et lille stykke af Australien jeg har taget med mig hjem. Garnet er købt der og den er også påbegyndt downunder.

26 March 2008

Tatting in March 1

It is not that I have not been tatting in March at all, but I have spent some time though looking through my new tatting books that I have bought this month.
So maybe I do not have a lot of words to write here but I can show pictures. So here is a picture of 2 motifs I have done. The one to the left is designed by Jan Stawasz and can be found in his book. The other one I think is from the new Italian magazine - Il Lavoro no 10.
More to follow - probably tomorrow.
Jeg har brugt tid på at kigge på alle de nye mønstre jeg nu er i besiddelse af, men der har været lidt tid til at orkere. Her er 2 mindre motiver, i morgen håber jeg at poste 2 små flakoner her.

28 February 2008

Tatting again

I have not forgotten this place or given it up. As a part of my recovery I have tried getting back to tatting and have done some of those bookmarks that I like to do. So here is a picture of them.

They are probably not 100 % perfect but they are OK - and they mean I again have a little stock of bookmarks to give away when I feel like it.
Isn't it funny to look at the 3 different versions of the red bookmark and see how differently they look - the choise of colours and the combination seems to be very significant it seems.
Jubii, jeg har været i stand til at orkere igen. Det er så herligt, for det er næsten ikke til at leve uden at kunne orkere. Forhåbentlig bliver det bare stadig bedre med tiden.

27 January 2008

Good news

Green is said to be the colour of hope so I will use that colour today. Surgery is over now and even though the arm is not that good right now I am being an optimist because the doctor said he thought that I will have a fine arm again and therefore I think I can get back to tatting and do well again someday - yahoo.
Now I just have to be patient and it will all be good and I can tat a nice doily again someday soon. I have had days where I thought that tatting would not be so good for me anymore but that have changed now. How would I be able to survive without it.
Those closest to me have not been a lot of help really, therefore it has been such a pleasure to me that my close tatting friends have been (and still are) there for me, thank you very much Maureen and Ginny. A special thank you and hug to Jenni who almost have been holding my left hand long distance, I will never forget your kindness towards me, mate.
And there are friends locally too that have been there for me - tusind tak til mine venner for at I har været der for mig.

22 January 2008

Got to take a break,

I will have to take a break and I do not know how long it will be because I do not know how long it will take before my arm will recover after the surgery.
But I will be back as soon as possible. So see you later.
Det er tid til en pause indtil min arm er kommet sig efter operationen. Jeg vender tilbage når det er muligt. Vi ses.

13 January 2008

WIP1 finished

It's been a while since I posted here but now it is a new year and wow isn't it exciting to think of all the new tatting projects that awaits us in the new year.
So I decided it was time to get some of my WIP done before I have the surgery and will not be able to tat for some time I guess. So here is a picture of the little red doily.
It is not perfect and definitely not ready for a close inspection but it is the best I can do just now. Hopefully later my tatting will get back to my usual quality. But I have better work on some of those WIP that I have, so there might be some new pictures soon.