12 January 2011

Belated Happy New Year

I am a bit late but still want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. The new year have not started that well in many aspects but let's hope there will be some healthy, happy times with new challenges for all tatters.
For various reasons I myself have not really tatted since I did my Christmas tatting. But in October I posted a picture of a doily that I had been working on. I have a habit lots of time only doing parts of doilies. But this one I liked doing so I decided to do all of it almost right away.

I still have a few ends to hide - there were soooo many, lol - and a few other things but I do not know when I will get that done. So here is the picture of the entire doily, diameter is 30 cm in Lizbeth size 20. And it is my favourite "Springtime" colour. The pattern I have had for years but for some reason did not get it done untill now.