29 December 2008

I've got tatting mail

Yes today the postman brought me a big white-blue envelope from the US. Do you want to see what was inside it ??? OK you just have to see what was there, lol:
First some lovely postcards and a magnet which should give you a clue who it is from because it is from Southern California and I only know one person there.

Doesn't it look like a very nice place to be? Blue water, palm trees, sunshine - I would not mind exchange that for the cold winter here right now. I am sorry my picture is not that good but I hope you are able to see how nice it looks anyhow.
Next picture includes some awesome tatting and a funny reindeer card, I think it's all homemade, have a look please:
It must be Rudolph in the middle and their little bells do ring, lol. They are so cute and I love them enormously. Best of all though are the 4 snowflakes at the top. I wish you could see how lovely they are, such nice stitches and they have had a good stiffener so I can have them hanging for years. Please believe me when I tell you they are awesome and I am very lucky to be picked to have these. I will treasure them like I have treasured all the tatting I have been given from fellow tatters through my online tatting years.
And finally there's another cute magnet in the shape of a sandal - must be appropriate with all those beaches they seem to have there.
I am definitely a lucky girl today and I want to thank you the sender of all these goodies. Have you guessed who it is ?
TattingChic, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and I want to thank you a million times for all these things and for being my friend. "Tusind tak" and I promise you that your snowflakes will have a good home here with me.

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

Tonight is the big Christmas evening here in DK where everyone celebrates the birth of Christ with huge dinners, walking round the tree singing and finally opening presents. So to all my blogging friends a "Glædelig jul" and thank you for your friendship.

Some years I have tatted a Christmas item to put in the cards I am sending. This year I have only been able to tat 10 of the above stockings which I have given to my workmates and a few others. I have done this years ago and I knew it didn't require mork work than I could cope with. It is not my design.
Merry Christmas everyone.

23 December 2008

My first HDT tatting

Below is my first tatting done with hand dyed threads. It is Pamela's rainbow thread size 20 and the white is a DMC size 30. Don't know why the same thread size didn't work for both of them but it didn't.
I did not want to loose any tiny bit of such a lovely thread and that is why I tatted my usual bookmark - this will be for myself, lol. The rainbow thread worked just fine, a lovely colour and a lovely thread.

The bookmark is not my design and therefore I can not share it, I found it on a Japanese website that is no longer online, as far as I know. I believe the pattern or something very close to it can also be found in one of the Dover books, sorry I can not remember which one and I do not have time to look for it just now. If someone is eager enough I think one of my pictures and the info that there are either 2, 4 or 8 ds between picots should be enough to do it.