29 December 2008

I've got tatting mail

Yes today the postman brought me a big white-blue envelope from the US. Do you want to see what was inside it ??? OK you just have to see what was there, lol:
First some lovely postcards and a magnet which should give you a clue who it is from because it is from Southern California and I only know one person there.

Doesn't it look like a very nice place to be? Blue water, palm trees, sunshine - I would not mind exchange that for the cold winter here right now. I am sorry my picture is not that good but I hope you are able to see how nice it looks anyhow.
Next picture includes some awesome tatting and a funny reindeer card, I think it's all homemade, have a look please:
It must be Rudolph in the middle and their little bells do ring, lol. They are so cute and I love them enormously. Best of all though are the 4 snowflakes at the top. I wish you could see how lovely they are, such nice stitches and they have had a good stiffener so I can have them hanging for years. Please believe me when I tell you they are awesome and I am very lucky to be picked to have these. I will treasure them like I have treasured all the tatting I have been given from fellow tatters through my online tatting years.
And finally there's another cute magnet in the shape of a sandal - must be appropriate with all those beaches they seem to have there.
I am definitely a lucky girl today and I want to thank you the sender of all these goodies. Have you guessed who it is ?
TattingChic, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and I want to thank you a million times for all these things and for being my friend. "Tusind tak" and I promise you that your snowflakes will have a good home here with me.


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

How wonderful! Yep, I guessed Tatting Chic, and isn't she sweet?

Marilee Rockley said...

Wonderful gifts! The card is so cute, and those snowflake colors are so very "Christmas-y"!

Unknown said...

Oh, I am so glad you finally got them, LOL! Your photos turned out great. I wish that I could take credit for the card, but it is store-bought. I just thought it was cute for you. It is so fun to see my bits of tatting in their new home all the way in Denmark! :)

Susanne said...

Yes LadyShuttleMaker she is very sweet.
Yes Yarnplayer the colours are very "Christmas-y".
TattingChic I love the snowflakes and every year when I put them up for Christmas I will think of you.

Tattycat said...

Lucky you! Those snowflakes are beautiful and the card is precious. It does look like San Diego must be a great place to live. Tatting Chic is a doll!