28 February 2008

Tatting again

I have not forgotten this place or given it up. As a part of my recovery I have tried getting back to tatting and have done some of those bookmarks that I like to do. So here is a picture of them.

They are probably not 100 % perfect but they are OK - and they mean I again have a little stock of bookmarks to give away when I feel like it.
Isn't it funny to look at the 3 different versions of the red bookmark and see how differently they look - the choise of colours and the combination seems to be very significant it seems.
Jubii, jeg har været i stand til at orkere igen. Det er så herligt, for det er næsten ikke til at leve uden at kunne orkere. Forhåbentlig bliver det bare stadig bedre med tiden.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have been tatting up a storm! - it's so good that you are able to enjoy it again. You must tat a pink bookmark......