15 June 2014

A table cloth and a doily

Some time ago on my Guilds FB-page a tatter showed a picture of a table cloth she's working on. She's on round 15 and all in all there are 19 rounds. The diameter will be 80 cm in size 20 and when it is done she will have done 78.604 ds. Must be such a heirloom when it is finished.

The pattern is from a Guild magazine from 2011 and of course I had to look that one up to see the finished table cloth. What an impressive piece of tatting and so much time needed to do the entire piece. I am definitely not patient enough to do such a huge table cloth.

Of course I had to try a bit of the pattern. Mine is done in Lizbeth size 40 and measures 20 cm in diameter. I am too lazy to figure out how many ds I have done, lol. Comes right from the shuttle so it has not been blocked or anything.

In the magazine it says it is reconstructed from a very old table cloth.