13 January 2008

WIP1 finished

It's been a while since I posted here but now it is a new year and wow isn't it exciting to think of all the new tatting projects that awaits us in the new year.
So I decided it was time to get some of my WIP done before I have the surgery and will not be able to tat for some time I guess. So here is a picture of the little red doily.
It is not perfect and definitely not ready for a close inspection but it is the best I can do just now. Hopefully later my tatting will get back to my usual quality. But I have better work on some of those WIP that I have, so there might be some new pictures soon.


Eva S said...

Kul att se vad du gjort!Hälsningar från Eva i Lund, Sverige

Susanne said...

Tak Eva. Hilsen fra Susanne

Unknown said...

Very pretty and intricate design. I clicked the link from your e-tatters page.