20 June 2009

Ta-da - now it is done

The big doily is done and it took me around 10-12 nights of tatting to do it. Diameter is 32 cm, the thread is Flora size 20 in different colours combined with the white. Pattern is from my Guild magazine. Here it is.

I do not do a lot of those big ones and while tatting this I recalled why I do not fancy doing them. When you reach something like 20 cm they get big and it is hard to sit and tat on them because either the doily or a thread is easily mingled and it twists so much. At least that is what happens to me.
My Aussie mate is doing the same design in different colours and I hope when she is done that I may be allowed to post a picture of it next to mine. I know the choise of colours means so much for the final result so it would be great to see them side by side.

11 June 2009

My first pair of earrings

I know I said I was working on something bigger (and it is true, lol) yet the stuff I am showing off here is very small. I have done my first pair of earrings ever, lol.
I wanted to do a pair from that Russian site ( http://free-tatting.com/ ) but
it got so fiddly and therefore I failed. Either because the beads were too large or the thread was too thin - or maybe both.
Anyhow it turned out to be a mess so I ended up
doing these - I guess you could call them my design because I just did from my imagination. But they are so simple that someone must have done them earlier on and I apologize for not being able to give credit to someone then.
They are for a girl at work who goes on vacation next week and who has fallen in love with tatted jewellry after I showed her some of the stuff on the blogs I visit.When she returns I will have left that workplace for good unfortunately so it will be a goodbye-gift tomorrow.
I have never done earrings before partly because I do not use that stuff myself. But the circumstances taken into consideration I think they will do - don't you?
Tonight it is back to the big item I am working on, I can not wait to see it being done, lol.

08 June 2009

The third Russian doily

It is very nice to discover a new site that shares patterns and especially those for doilies. I have done the third doily from one of those sites who have free patterns, it happens to be Russian and is called Free Tatting Patterns. (the center part below is a variegated pale pink and not a solid white which the pic perhaps shows)
When I was done tatting it - and it was a good one to do - I discovered that there are both a diamond and a square here. I wonder what it would look like if you put a number of them together. Hhhmmm.
I wish I was that good that I would use up my old threads before I buy some new ones. That is not so, unfortunately. If I had to wait to buy some new ones till I have used all my Flora, the Altin Basak, the Aida, the DMC, the Coats etc. then I would never be able to try the new Lisbeth threads. :-D
But I will get some when I have made up my mind what colours to choose. I think it is the time where I need a treat.
I now want to go and tat on the new thing I have started. It is something bigger and will take some time to do, and maybe I will take smaller breaks and do some other stuff too. And unfortunately there is some work to take care of too ;-) , roflol.