29 March 2009

Time for some eggs

There is a good reason for me being quiet here at my blog lately. You see I have been tatting, lol. Some of the stuff I can post about here now because I have been tatting eggs for Easter.
The celtic eggs above are for my workmates and they will get them this week. The pattern is from my Guild magazine, unfortunately it is not my own design.
Now to figure out what to do next.

17 March 2009

First doily after a break

Yahoo, my first doily tatted after the break, must be around 6 months since the last one. It is another Frauberger design, from the reproduction of the awesome old book. It was not hard to tat at all and it is one I have had on my mind for some time to do.My guess is that it has taken me at least 10 hours but not more than 14 hours to tat it.Most of it was done during 2 online tatting sessions me and my Aussie mate have had on Messenger and that is why I have an idea how long it has taken me to do it. I think we must be tatting addicts, who else would get up at 7 in the morning to tat with someone on the opposite side of the globe, ROFLOL. But they are a lot of fun and I would get out of bed no matter what time of day to have one of them.

05 March 2009

Time for butterflies to fly away

I think I am back at tatting again, yahoo. My Aussie tatting mate and I had another online tatting session at MSN today working on a Frauberger design and my hand didn't mind the tatting at all - not yet at least. It was a great time and a good way to spend a day at home. Thank you very much, mate.
I do not have any picture yet because we didn't get to finish the piece so here is another picture.
It is a lot of butterflies that I have done over a long time with the leftover threads on shuttles that need to be emptied for other purposes. My Guild are collecting these so they have something to give away when they go to demonstrations and exhibitions.
They also accept owls, fish and angels but I have mostly done butterflies over the years. Soon these will go into an envelope and be mailed to guild so they fly away and maybe inspire one or two to learn to tat - and if that happens it will be lovely.
Now that I have started tatting again I hope nothing will stop me again in the near future so I hope I can return to blogging on regular basis too. As time permits after work of course. I have also ordered some more HDT and will keep an eye on the postman next week, maybe I am lucky and he will have some love threads in his bag for me.