23 December 2009

Glaedelig orkis jul

It is Danish and means "Merry Tatting Christmas" and that is what I want to wish those visiting here. I know most of you will probably celebrate on the 25th but here it all starts with dinner on the 24th.
Below is this years Christmas tatting done by me, I think I did 10-12 of them for mostly workmates (done before my arm got crazy but not the reason for the problem though).

In Danish they are called "Nisser" (pixies, elves etc. in English) and they are part of old Scandinavian folklore. There are good ones and bad ones, ones that belongs on farms and in houses in general and even on ships (all over really). They are small creatures and not always that visible, sometimes all you see is their red hats. They mostly live in the attic it is said and they can get several centuries old. Rice porridge with a spoonfull of butter and cinnamon sugar is what they like.
So from a snowwhite DK I wish you'll all have a wonderful Christmas with lots of tatting presents.

09 December 2009

First French Doily

Sorry for the long break where I have not posted anything here. But I have a problem with my neck and shoulder in the left side so I have not been sitting much at the computer and not been tatting for 4 weeks at all.
But more than a month ago I was able to finish the first doily from that French book I was given, this time I didn't use any variegated thread and not even a white, roflol.
I am not really sure about that French book, all the designs look lovely that is for sure, but I am a bit worried about how well the designs work when you tat them.

This round doily is the first one that have worked for me, I did start a very nice oval one from the book and used some lovely Lizbeth thread but I think that doily have been the worst one I have done when it comes to lying flat. It bowled like noone else I have done, maybe you've seen my cry for help at Intatters some time back, and mine is never going to lie flat at all, not even if I iron it a lot.
This one looks OK in the picture but in real life it really would like to bowl a little bit if I hadn't used the iron. The thread is Aida size 20 and the diameter is around 15 centimeters.
Hopefully I will be able to tat a little bit soon but it might have to wait till the new year. But I do have something for my Christmas posting here, I will post it in a week or so. See you then.