26 March 2008

Tatting in March 1

It is not that I have not been tatting in March at all, but I have spent some time though looking through my new tatting books that I have bought this month.
So maybe I do not have a lot of words to write here but I can show pictures. So here is a picture of 2 motifs I have done. The one to the left is designed by Jan Stawasz and can be found in his book. The other one I think is from the new Italian magazine - Il Lavoro no 10.
More to follow - probably tomorrow.
Jeg har brugt tid på at kigge på alle de nye mønstre jeg nu er i besiddelse af, men der har været lidt tid til at orkere. Her er 2 mindre motiver, i morgen håber jeg at poste 2 små flakoner her.

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Anonymous said...

your March tatting is prolific and lovely! - it's so good to see you back doing the things you love, after so long!