27 May 2008

The last doily in May

Yes I know, a stupid title for this. But on the other had it is true, it will be the last doily I will tat in May, roflol.
It comes right from the shuttle so sorry if the picture is not a good one, it was taken in a hurry.
Somehow I am actually a little bit proud of myself, because it is done in Cebelia size 30 and DMC 30 (the white one), and that cebelia thread used to break a lot for me once, and therefore I was thinking maybe the thread was old or my tension was way too tight (both might be possible too). I am trying very hard not to tat too tight so I can use the thinner threads - I was able to do it a little once upon a time so it should be possible to get back to it. Problem is to get it look as tight and neat as it does when I tat in size 20.
Oh the pattern is from Anne's website in Norway, thank you for sharing the pattern.

Den sidste flakon lavet i denne måned. Jeg har brugt Cebelia størrelse 30, forhåbentlig kan jeg på et tidspunkt igen orkere med de der tyndere tråde, det er i hvert fald derfor jeg prøver at arbejde med fastheden i min orkis.
Mønsteret tilhører Anne fra Norge, mange tak for at gøre mønsteret tilgængeligt online.

24 May 2008

Ice cream tatting

I have had a request to show my ice cream cone here even though it is a couple of years since I did it, so here it is. I believe it was some sort of challenge for the hardcore ICT-tatters, lol. I think one or two have melted since then so not sure we all have a picture to show, roflol.
Mine is vanilla with sprinkles. It was a bit fiddly to tat but it looks good. Pattern is designed by Nancy from Be-Stitched.com . Icecream is always nice and very nice on a hot day so you can cool down for a little while.
Jenni, do you remember Ballarat???
If you should happen to go there then do remember that ice cream is not available there on a Monday, we found out that their icecream shop is closed on that day, lol. We circled around the same streets a couple of times, roflol, and finally asked one of the locals and then we saw it was closed on Mondays. Such a big place and only one icecream shop. Unbelievable, lol.
Jeg er blevet opfordret til her at vise min orkerede vanilje isvaffel med krymmel, selvom den er af ældre dato og bloggen egentlig er tænkt til mine nye ting. Men det er jo is og det er altid dejligt, så her er den.
Designet skyldes Nancy fra Be-Stitched.com, der kan man få tilsendt en fil med et nyt og gratis mønster hver tredje måned, når man altså har meldt sig til.

09 May 2008

Tatting doilies

This is another doily that was finished a month ago but I did not have time to hide ends and scan it till last night. It is called "Gypsophile" and can be found in "La Frivolite fine et precieuse".It is another blue and white one - wonder when that phase will end, lol This was also a good one to tat, as I recall it today, even though I also had to use the iron to make it lie absolutely flat.
I have been asked how I am able to tat so many doilies. Well most nights when I watch TV then I also tat, so I do not feel that it takes a lot of time to do them. I have to admit that I like tatted doilies a lot, I call myself a doily-holic.
Maybe it is because they were the first things I saw in tatting when I grew up and my aunt tatted me 2 smaller doilies before I turned 15. Doilies and edgings is all that I recall she tatted. I still have to tat my first edging though.
Her er endnu en hvid og blå flakon som jeg lavede i sidste måned. Jeg skal altså snart slå over i en anden farve end blå. Mønsteret er fra en fransk orkisbog.
At orkere flakoner er et godt tidsfordriv når jeg ser TV, og jeg må indrømme, at jeg godt kan lide at lave dem. Måske fordi flakoner og blonder var hvad min moster orkerede da jeg voksede op, men jeg har stadig min første blonde til gode.

08 May 2008

Snowflake in May

It is the most incredible and beautiful spring around here with temperatures around and above 20 C, and yet I have been tatting a snowflake, lol.
I was inspired after having seen Tattingchic's picture at Etatters and I just had to do it because I liked it so much. The pattern is a Tina Frauberger design and perhaps I chose the wrong colour for it, it is a Flora size 20.
I had on my mind that sometimes snow can be so white that it's got a vague blue shine, but of course this thread also have a pink one and I have not seen that in real life. Well I am most certain that this will not be the last time I tat it, it was such a big pleasure to do it.
And anyhow it is a beautiful snowflake. Even in May.
Det er nok fjollet at orkere dette design når det er maj måned og det flotteste forårsvejr man næsten kan tænke sig, hvor temperaturen er omkring eller over 20 grader og solen skinner fra en skyfri himmel. Men jeg måtte prøve denne, selvom den egentlig hører julen til. Men måske valgte jeg den forkerte farve tråd, for nok kan sne have et blåt skær over sig, men jeg har godt nok aldrig set den pinke farve. Næste gang vælger jeg en bedre farve, for der bliver en næste gang.