31 October 2008

I have been shopping

Hooray for online shopping. I have been buying some more Highly Dangerous Threads while waiting to get able to do some tatting again. This time I have bought threads from Pamela over in Ireland and they arrived today.

I just had to have some of the rainbow threads that so many seems to love and some apple blossom and a few solids ones. I got 2 skiens in size 20 and the rest are size 40. I can not wait to get back to tatting and working with these lovely colours. Maybe there will be something in that new Russian book that I can tat with some of these colours.

22 October 2008


I am in such a withdrawl (abstinenser in Danish, lol), I so desperately want to tat something, no matter what it is just anything, roflol. Stitches got out Monday but it is not yet good enough to try and grab a shuttle and make rings and chains. Oh, it is soooo hard to be so patient, usually I am able to be patient but not this time, I think I have run out of patience by now, lol. Anyone know where I can buy some more of that???
It is a comfort to know that there are so many out there thinking of me, so a big thank you to all those who have posted a comment here on my blog, at least I am able to write her. But anything fiddly like zippers and buttons are hard to handle, and don't even think of shoelaces.

I can not write here without posting a picture. Sometime back I showed my inherited bone shuttles, the picture above is my wooden shuttles and they all have a story. The "ICT 2005" shuttle was one we had made when we celebrated the first year of online chatting (International Chat Tatters). The "Neil Keats" shuttle is the one I won at the Whittlesea Show in 2006 for my variegated and white square doily (early posting on the blog).
The 2 shuttles to the right are from my visit to Australia in 2006, the Kangaroo one I bought at the NSW Guild meeting in Sydney that Ginny and I attended and the one in the lower right corner is one that Jenni and Maureen had made to celebrate the 4 of us meeting each other in Brisbane.
I do try to tat with all of them once in a while and they are such nice memories to have from some very special occasions.
Now I will go back to lurkdom, and even if I can not tat yet I do vist blogs and drool over the stuff you do and dream of what I am going to do in a week or two - perhaps.

12 October 2008

Oh so slowly

Sometimes we think time is running so quickly but that is not my problem at the moment because I think it is going so SLOWLY. I have to admit that I miss my tatting tremendously but I at least have to wait 2 weeks or more, :-(
If you look to the right here you'll see why it is completely out of question to even think of trying to tat. With this huge bandage it will take some time to get it working again I am afraid.
A friend of mine have just returned home from Kazakstan and Uzbekistan this week and he went to 7 stores over there before he found this book for me.
I have been told it is called "Macrame and Frivolite" and there are a couple of designs I will try one day, if I am able to figure out the patterns because they are not drawn in the usual manner and I can not read Russian at all. But anyhow I will try and maybe my friend will have to help me even though he does not know anything about tatting.
But it was kind of him to bring it home to me and maybe I can send a booklist with him next time.

05 October 2008

Not enough time unfortunately

I had been hoping to be able to finish the little doily below tonight but there was not enough time unfortunately. :-(
The pattern is from Anne's Norwegian site and called Tiri's brik.
I am not sure when I will be able to finish it but it might take some weeks. So my blog will probably also be silent till I am back.

Tomorrow I am having surgery on my left hand because a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have been bothering me for almost a year. I had the same surgery in my right hand about 20 years ago so I am not really scared and I know it will help so I am able to tat, knit and whatever I want to do again in some weeks.
Not sure how long till I am able to tat again, I did not tat when my right hand was done, lol. But till I will be back make sure to do some lovely tatting that I can drool over. Happy tatting folks.

04 October 2008

Tatting up a storm.

I am busy tatting up a storm before I have to take a break for some weeks where I will not be able to tat. I am working on something I hope to finish on Sunday but here is the latest finished tatting.

It is another motif from the Spitzen-Kreationen book, a corner of a tablecloth from that book. I thought it was an intersting shape and it worked well in my opinion. Right now I tat mostly in white, I can not decide what colours to use.