20 April 2010

An 'old' one and a WIP

It has been a very productive tatting time these last couple of weeks - at least for me.
I had started a doily before the meeting in the capital that I brought with me on the trip and was able to finish it when I returned back home.
It is wellknown pattern for me, it is the Lund doily that I have done several times in different variations.
This time I have used one of the HDT's from Tatskool and combined it with some white DMC. It is a lovely thread to tat with, size 20.
I am also testing the Sage Rose that I mentioned in the previous post and also combined that with a white DMC in size 30.
The Bre-Aly thread felt very strong - very important for a tight tatter like me - and was very nice to tat with that is for sure.
I just had to get used to it not being as smooth as those I have used before. It was as if it had very small bumps but nothing major that affected the closing of the rings. It is just a matter of what I am used to I think.
It is still a work in progress because there's the last round to do, and I hope I will be able to finish it within a week or so.

14 April 2010

News from a lucky tatter

I have promised to tell about my meeting with AnneB and Sulu in the capital last Saturday. We had a lovely time in my opinion, it was easy to chat even though we have never met in real life before. After visiting a yarnshop with no threads for tatting I think we spent 3 hours in a coffeeshop talking about and looking at tatting that we had brought with us. Later after dinner Anne and I were even able to go to her hotel room and tat together for almost an hour before I was exhausted from a long day.
Thanks Anne and Sulu for taking time for a meeting and for some great hours together. I simply forgot to take pictures, sorry.
Anne had even brought some new threads for us all the way from Norway. Aren't the colours very spring-like. I look forward to trying them out as soon as possible.
My very good friend from downunder have also gifted me with some awesome new threads to test.
To the left are Yarntopias Treasures and the purple is from KLMATTOX and they arrived just in time for Easter. Next ones are Sage Rose and Dream from Bre-Aly and finally to the right is Tourmaline, and these were awaiting me when I returned home Sunday evening. Aren't they just awesome too?
Thanks Liyarra for being so generous, I really look forward to test these too. I am so amazed by all those colourful HDT threads that are turning up these days.
Thank you very much my friends for some very happy moments these last couple of weeks. Now there really are no excuses for getting the doily in progress done quickly so I can play with my new threads.
Oh I feel so rich now and I am definitely a lucky tatter.

08 April 2010

A week with lots of tatting

This week is really one with a lot of tatting on my part. First of all there was the first Tat and Chat with Liyarra the other day. It was so nice to be able to do it after a very long break where we had not been able to find the right moment to do one. It is always a lot of fun doing them and if you want to see what we tatted then go here to take a look: http://liyarrastattingnook.blogspot.com/
Recently I also bought myself some new HDT's to tat with - not sure what I will use them for yet though.
I love the colours and thanks Tatskool for the lovely threads and the extra free sample.
Finally there's a small tatting get together I am attending. Saturday morning I am taking the train to the capital to meet with AnneB from Norway and with Sulu who lives there. I really look forward to meeting those 2 girls, it will most likely be a lot of fun. We will be talking and looking at tatting and perhaps have a little time to sit and tat together.
I will return home on Sunday and I will most likely come back to this subject after the weekend.

So this is definitely a good week filled with tatting on some days off from work. And itsn't that what matters for us?