23 December 2007

New Square

I am working on a new square. It is a pattern from a German site, originally a runner but I am only testing it so I am doing a small square doily. I am doing it in red, I wonder if it is because of Christmas that I am tatting so much in red.
By the way Merry Christmas if there's someone out there reading this.
I have finished the square so I have put a picture of the finished work here now.
Glædelig jul til dem der måtte læse dette.

09 December 2007

Christmas Tatting

Here is the Christmas tatting done by me this year. Xmas bells.

The design is Inger Kristensens - another great design from her.


Tusind tak til Inger for at jeg måtte orkere dette mønster.

04 December 2007

I am a tatter

I have shown a lot of knitting here and the knitting have done my arm so much good so I will continue to do that. But first of all I am a tatter, tatting is the love of my craft world.
Andreas got his scarf in the mail today and much to my surprise his mother told me when she phoned me, that she wanted to use it for him. I am so happy I have been able to do something for him that he will actually use. I hope the same thing will happen to the blue sweater that I will knit for him - he will come for a visit here on the 15th but I can not manage to get it done till then. I was told that he's got 2 teeth now, lol.
I have not had time to tat today so my work in progress is very much still in progress. But I have finally got that ribbon that I needed for the red heart that I tatted a while ago, so here is a picture of the finished heart. It will soon go into the mail and travel down to my Christmas exchange partner.
Det ender jo snart med, at jeg får helt travlt når Andreas og hans forældre kommer og skal spise aftensmad her næste lørdag, men hvor er det rart, at de gider komme så jeg ser frem til det. Han er nu 9 måneder og jeg tror han har alderen til et større tøjdyr, jeg tror jeg skal ud at se på en tøjhund til ham. Hans mor vil sikkert ryste på hovedet af mig, men han bliver nok glad, :-).

03 December 2007

Tatting WIP1

I am tatting a little bit right now so I have better put a picture here of my work in progress.
Not a lot to say about it, it is a small doily from my last guild magazine.
I will add more when I have tatted some more.
The pattern is a bit tricky so it is going a bit slowly.

Jenni got her socks last week and she is enjoying them. Oh I am so happy she likes them even though it is summer down there.

25 November 2007

Scarf for Andreas

I am still awaiting the yarn so I can finish my purple sweater.
In the meantime I have tatted a little bit but it does not look that good. It is not the tension that is my problem after the long break but it is not as even as I would like it to be. I don't know if it is caused by the arm or what.
At nights I have also knitted a little bit again, this time a scarf for a little boy. His name is Andreas and the pictures of him were taken two months ago when he was 7 months old. His mother is my youngest niece.
I will probably not have a lot to do with him at all but he is a cute little boy and I thought he would need a scarf to keep him warm. I just hope his mother thinks so too but no matter what I had fun knitting it. And the yarn is so soft and suited for a baby, some leftovers from a sweater years ago.
Ih du godeste, hvor det dog tog lang tid at få indlægget ovenfor til at se ordentlig ud. Enten er jeg fummelfingret eller også er det ret svært her at få placeret tekst og billeder rigtigt og ordentligt i forhold til hinanden hos blogger. Eller også er det bare mig, formentlig fordi det var sent på aftenen. Det er vist meget heldigt at jeg skal i seng, jeg vil skynde mig derind.

18 November 2007

My purple sweater

Earlier I have shown or mentioned the yarn that I bought for a sweater. I have forgotten to post a picture of the sweater here so I have better do it now because in a little while it will be done.
In this picture it looks like the sweater is blue but it really isn't because it is so definitely purple. Not sure why but sometimes the pictures taken by my digital camera do not show a colour the way it really is.
All that is missing now is putting the arms on and to knit the neck part, and after that is done I will have a nice warm sweater.

12 November 2007

A tatted heart

I promised to add the picture of the tatted heart here when it was ready for presentation, so here it is ..... yahoo, lol.
The original had a sort of golden band through the outer round but I do not really have that in my stash right now, so it will have to wait till later.
It is tatted in red Aida size 20 and I got the pattern from my latest Guild magazine and it is designed by Grethe Skov. The Danish Tatting Guild - Dansk Orkisforening - is more than 10 years old and it covers all of DK and have more than 500 members. I get my magazine three times a year and there are some patterns in everyone of them.

11 November 2007

Socks for my mate

It's been quite a while since I have posted here so I have better do it today.
I have been quite busy knitting mostly, I have started a sweater of that lovely purple yarn (picture to come later) and then I have finished a pair of socks for a very dear friend of mine.
It is the first pair I have knitted with this yarn and I do hope, that they will fit her feet even though the foot does not look to be very wide. But I can put my foot in one of them. I hope she will like the yarn and enjoy her first pair of knitted socks. I will try to get them in the mail this week.
It looks like the knitting have done my arm some good so I can perhaps return to tatting a little bit also. Actually I have tatted a heart pattern from my Guild magazine, it needs ironing before I can show it here but if I get that done today then I will post a picture of it tomorrow.
Endelig var jeg i stand til at etablere en kommentar boks her. Jeg har fumlet rundt længe og ikke kunnet finde ud af det men nu lykkedes det, så er jeg da ikke helt hjernedød, ha, ha. Nu må jeg så bare håbe, at der er nogen der gider skrive til mig ;-D

21 October 2007

Cowl finished

OK, I am ready for winter now because I have finished knitting my cowl.
I am not able to take a picture of myself wearing it so Teddy Blue will have to be my stand in.
I won him years ago and my nieces enjoyed him when they were children - that is why he looks a bit messy, but I do not have the heart to throw him out.
This yarn was very nice to knit with and with a size 8 circular needle it does not take long to finish something. I will definitely use this yarn again some other time - I hope.

14 October 2007

The cowl

It's been quite some days so I have better post a message here. I have been working on the cowland it is very quick when you use knitting needles size 8 and some thick yarn. But it is sooooo soft.
I can not make up my mind if it is long enough or not. It will be at least a month I think before we get snow so I still have time decide it, lol. If we will have any snow at all of course.
I have also worked on my sock and actually finished the first one. I forgot to take a picture though, so that will have to wait till next time.

03 October 2007

More knitting

Yes I know that this place was supposed to be mostly about tatting, I hope to return to it very soon but just now I can not tat really. I am trying to see if I may be more able to knit and therefore I have bought more yarn today.

The blue at the right is for another pair of socks that I will knit for a dear friend of mine. The white to the left is for myself, for a cowl that I hope can keep my head and my ears warm during the coming winter. I am not good at wearing hoods or hats but I hope this will be good.

A knitted sock 2

I have worked a bit more on my sock, so here is a picture.

26 September 2007

My friends with 4 legs

I have 3 very dear fourlegged friends, unfortunately they are all down under so I do not see them a lot, actually I have only seen them once, lol.
First there's Bindii, a red healer. Oh she is so kind and so incredible soft - look, she's smiling in the picture. She was my breakfast buddy on the bench out in the sun - she was very good to talk with - maybe because I had müsli in my bowl and she got a taste, lol. No matter what we had some very, very good mornings there and I am a huge fan of Bindii but she is definitely Jenni's dog. The little black and white one is Terra. I think it is one of the funniest dogs I have ever met. She is truely her masters dog, follow every step Jamie takes. I can not remember what breed she is. She is lying a lot on the couch where she's got her own bed and she is sometimes called Guidi, lol.This little girl below was born in August 2006 and she is so special to me because she is the closest I have been to having a dog. She is a kelpie and she is called Alli. The left picture was taken the day in October we picked her up and because I had the money in my pocket I paid for her and she was mine for 30 minutes or so, I even sat with her in my lap in the car some of the way home. She was shivering a lot because she didn't know what was going to happen to her but I know that she's got one of the best homes a dog can have. But she could not know that when we took her away from her mother and brothers.
Today she is such a fine and big girl. She's got some other fourlegged mates there and she's also got a human Aunt up in the North and I hope to see her again someday.

23 September 2007

Dan-Aus exchange

OK, here is some tatting. I have been taking part in a friendship exchange between members of the Danish Tatting Association and the Victoria Tatting Guild in Australia. This is an angel that I got from Marie in Melbourne. The design is from one of those 2 Guild magazines that I left there last year when I attended the Victoria Tatting Guilds meeting in October.
I did bookmarks for both my partners - the Japanese edging I like so much. Marie got a variegated yellow and Susan a variegated purple. No pics, sorry.
These 3 Christmas trees Susan did for me. The tree in the center I believe she designed together with another Aussie tatter and the 2 little ones are her own designs.
I do feel so lucky with the gifts from my partners, thanks to both of you.

A knitted sock

I know this should mostly be about tatting but I am not able to tat that much right now so I have been trying to knit a sock - something I have done quite a bit earlier on.
My intention was to knit a sock with one of those yarns that forms geometrical patterns - hhhmmm!!! I can see now that I must have picked the wrong yarn because this is not excactly the pattern that I had on my mind.

21 September 2007

First message here

This is my first message here therefore I will most likely be messing around all those new features I have to get used to.
I will not write here on a daily basis but only when I feel like it or when I have something to show or tell.
Because I am Danish I might sometimes write something in Danish only, sorry. And in my English messages there will be some language errors, please forgive me for that.