30 May 2009

Two more doilies

I have said earlier, that I am into tatting doilies right now, roflol. So here are two more. Both are done in Altin Basak threads, I am trying to use some of the threads that I want to get rid of so I can get some new ones - those Lizbeth threads have some awesome variegated ones and I am tempted in deed now that I can get some of them in the UK.

Designs are from that Russian site that was one of the subjects discussed last time I went to Online Tatting Classes. (free-tatting.com)
The yellow one was the nicest one to do, the green square was very fiddly and the sides do not look straight and turns it into a weird square.
Think I just started the next doily last night, lol. And the onion bookmark from the latest Frauberger tat-session is also ready for showing soon. I have a feeling that a new session is in the oven, yahoo.

23 May 2009

Guild doily

I think it is the first time I have posted twice here on the same day, lol.
I am in a doily mood right now, and even though I have been sick an entire week with a very nasty cold, I was able to tat a bit now and then - it is possible to tat in bed if you elevate the head part of the bed, roflol.
The pattern for this comes from my Guild magazine and was designed by one of the members. I am so fortunate to have that national Guild sending out magazines 3 times a year, it is the only domestic tatting contacts I have got and I always look forward to recieving the magazine in the mail.
The next projet have already been started - it is a doily from that Russian site that was discussed in Online Classes this week. A day or two more and it will be done too.

Bookmark exchange

Like so many others I have also taken part in the bookmark exchange at Intatters. Beverly in the US was my partner and sent me no less than 2 bookmarks. The third one is one I sent her.

I also got 2 postcards from New Mexico, it looks so different from where I am.
Thank you very much for the cards and the lovely bookmarks, you've done a great job and I will cherish them.
Beverly, I hope it is OK I used your pictures here!

10 May 2009

Here it is

I said I would be back soon ;-D - so this is the finished doily.
Threads are variegated blues in Flora size 20 and the white is Aida size 20. Not the best combination, it is like there's a slight difference in the size between the 2 brands.
Not the best colour combinations I have chosen either, but I hope the friend I am sending it to will like it anyhow. Her name is Lisbeth but she do not have any connection at all with the tatting thread by that name, lol.
Took me around 3 nights to do it, so it was a quick one and not a hard one to do really.
Hhhhmmmm, now the big problem is what to do next, lol.

08 May 2009

Long time no see

I am still a member of blogland even though it's been a while since my last posting. Somehow life got in the way, getting rid of a cold and work etc. have taken a lot of my time. But I have been reading blogs though.
But I have been tatting a little bit now and then and last night I started this.
It is another doily that I found the pattern for yesterday when I was looking through my tatting folder on the computer and one that I have not done so far. While I tat this white round I am trying to figure out if the last round should be done with the blue in the center or I should choose another variegated blue thread.
I have done a little tatting while I have been away like the Frauberger sessions we have had at Messenger but nothing is ready for showing yet.
And I also entered an exchange at Intatters and did a bookmark that I mailed to my partner the other day, but untill it has reached it's destination I wont show it online.
So long for now, and I will be back soon I promise.