29 July 2008

A birthday doily

I have done another doily. I have a friend who's having a birthday late next week. I think this will be part of her present.
It is a part of a larger Polish doily that I did in Cebelia size 30 - the coloured threads are some she brought me from Germany a few years back so I think it is appropriate to pay her back this way.
I do not have much else to say. It's been very hot for some days and almost impossible to be thinking, I think I have started to feel braindead.
Take care till next time.

16 July 2008

Pastime tatting

Just a small picture of my latest tatting, another nice, small doily by Lene Bjoern that was in my last Guild magazine. Only a small picture because I don't have much to say, it is again the time for pastime tatting I guess.
But a pastime is good to have if you look out my window it is raining buckets right now and 10 minutes ago it was a beautiful sunshine. I suppose it is a typical summer up here and not one of those hot and dry ones. I am glad I made it home from the market before it started.
Now the big question is, what will I tat next. Hhhmmm.

06 July 2008

A special treat

Now I also have some HDT that I bought from Yarnplayer (thank you) so let me show them here. They are called Purple Punch and Fern, and I think they are soooo pretty.
Now the big problem is what to tat with them but firstly how do I turn them into balls of thread. Something for me to think over for a while because I have never had any of these before.
And a special treat for Lady Shuttlemaker over in Korea because she wanted to see the yellow flower I bought at the market some days back.
Picture was taken when it needed some water and that is why it looks a bit poorly here, but I have taken care of that since then. Sorry, I have fogotten the name for this, I guess it was not important when I bought it.
Now that is 2 special treats within the same week, lol.