04 November 2013

What a hoot or blast

Yesterday I went to a tatting day for the first time in 3 years in a place close to Copenhagen and what a day I had there. Work to look at and drool over, a few things to buy, something new to learn, some chats and a lot of laughter. I had almost forgotten what a lot of fun it is to go to tat-days.
Above is a picture of my table seen from one angle and to the left a picture of the teacher of the day, Lene Bjørn. For a long time I have wanted to meet her because she is one of my favourite designers. And what a great teacher she was and a person with a lot of humour.
Below is my table seen from the opposite direction where Ann and Annelise were sitting and it was good to see them both once more. In the background at the small table are some new tatters being instructed by Lis and Inga - another of my favourite designers and such a good friend to have.
6 hours are not a lot when you are in a circle of good friends and soon I had to take the train back home after a lovely weekend and a Sunday which was a hoot or a blast.

Next time I will show what I bought and some lovely work for display at the tat-day..

16 October 2013

Clovers - not perfect

Design: Tina Abildgaard (from my guild magazine).
Thread: white Aida size 20.
Diameter: 12 cm.
Coming right from the shuttle.
I need to work a little on my clovers after the hiatus.