21 October 2007

Cowl finished

OK, I am ready for winter now because I have finished knitting my cowl.
I am not able to take a picture of myself wearing it so Teddy Blue will have to be my stand in.
I won him years ago and my nieces enjoyed him when they were children - that is why he looks a bit messy, but I do not have the heart to throw him out.
This yarn was very nice to knit with and with a size 8 circular needle it does not take long to finish something. I will definitely use this yarn again some other time - I hope.

14 October 2007

The cowl

It's been quite some days so I have better post a message here. I have been working on the cowland it is very quick when you use knitting needles size 8 and some thick yarn. But it is sooooo soft.
I can not make up my mind if it is long enough or not. It will be at least a month I think before we get snow so I still have time decide it, lol. If we will have any snow at all of course.
I have also worked on my sock and actually finished the first one. I forgot to take a picture though, so that will have to wait till next time.

03 October 2007

More knitting

Yes I know that this place was supposed to be mostly about tatting, I hope to return to it very soon but just now I can not tat really. I am trying to see if I may be more able to knit and therefore I have bought more yarn today.

The blue at the right is for another pair of socks that I will knit for a dear friend of mine. The white to the left is for myself, for a cowl that I hope can keep my head and my ears warm during the coming winter. I am not good at wearing hoods or hats but I hope this will be good.

A knitted sock 2

I have worked a bit more on my sock, so here is a picture.