29 September 2008

A Tuesday Tat Night

Tuesday last week we had another of those great tat sessions online. We worked on another Frauberger design - the one on the front cover actually - and I have just been able to finish it this weekend. So here comes another fiddly design from that awesome book:

I used Aida size 20 and I do not think that was the right choise because more and more I get the feeling that when there are some large rings or chains then this thread does not look good, I think this thread at least reguires quite a few picots on those large rings and chains. The one above looks clumsy or at least not very delicate and lacy. But for lots of other stuff it is such a nice thread to tat with.

25 September 2008

Spitzen is all over

Some late birthday prezzies from myself, it really has been a tatting birthday this year. I got 2 more books and some bangles that is supposed to be my Christmas tatting this year if I am able to make them. Depending on how quickly my left hand will recover I suppose.

Looks like it is the season for Spitzen or snowflakes because they seem to be all over right now. I was inspired by a very good tatting friend to get these new books above.
I think I will like them and will enjoy very much doing some of the designs when I can find the time to do it. And I have to figure out those odd looking diagrams too. But 2 yummy books - if books can be yummy, lol.

17 September 2008

What a treat

I have had a lovely surprise for my birthday, what an awesome treat I got. It's a reproduction of 2 old German tatting books with some lovely designs.
And like Tattingchic have done with her new books I will give you a small impression of some of the stuff that is in the book.

First a triangle but I think it can be turned into something else if you prefer that.

The next one is a square and as you can see there seems to be many designs with those onion rings in the book. But that is ok because I can manage those, at least I used to.

Here is another square, and what a beauty it is. More the traditional type of tatting that we know so well from the older books I believe, but those are in general the ones I am best at too - just rings and chains it seems.

There are aslo a coupe of butterflies, lots of edgings, some snowflakes and almost round doilies.
Below is one I did from the book.

Jenni and I have had another online tatting session and did this one, I was asked to choose a pattern and unfortunately I seem to have chosen perhaps the most fiddly design of them all. This have not been blocked yet but it is looking all right I think. Even though I got those front and back sides mixed up while I was tatting, lol.
The notation of the patterns is a bit strange at least till you find out how it works, and then of course it is written in German so it takes a little time to figure out the patterns. It was such a huge help that we were two that were able to assist each other. But I think it is worth it and I am sure this book will take up a lot of my time in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you very much Jenni and Maureen for having gifted me this treat, but I still think it was too much to do for me. "Tusind tak".

16 September 2008

Back to tatting

I am trying to get back to tatting and my blog, but I have hardly tatted for 4 weeks so there has not been anything to post here, it was just like I had run out of ideas and I didn't have the urge to tat. I hope that will change in the coming days because yesterday my Aussie mate and I had another online tatting session, lovely it is possible to do it in that way when we can not meet in person. I will see if I can finish the motif we worked on tonight.
The other day I did the two bangles above. I am desperately trying to find a pattern that will suit those bangles - these are not perfect but will do for now. If anyone knows of a pattern in size 20-30 thread that will fit these bangles please let me know where to look.