28 January 2010

The Danish Guild

There's been some questions about the Danish Tatting Guild (Dansk Orkisforening) online these last couple of days. Their website is mostly in Danish and that is why I am writing this in English - I am just a happy member of the Guild but not a member of the board or anything and I just want to help out with the information.
The Guild was founded more than 10 years ago and they publish a magazine 3 times a year for members only with stories almost only written in Danish and a number of patterns. Usually the patterns are diagrammed in very good drawings where no knowledge of Danish is required. The designs are both done by members but also by some tatters who have published their work in books and leaflets that are available outside Denmark too. I can not share my patterns because of copyrights.
They do not sell single patterns (as far as I know) because it is meant for members. For international members membership is 200,00 Danish kroner (DKK) for one year.
If anyone wants to join you forward the fee to this bank:
Danske Bank, Copenhagen - SWIFT DABADKKK - IBAN NO. DK11 30003215224945

If you want to see their website and perhaps email the chairman then go here:
Please allow some time for Inga Madsen to answer if you email her. Noone gets paid for their time spent on work for the guild, and it may take some time to write a reply in English - it is not all up here that are used to communicating in English on a daily basis or they might lack some courage to do it. And sometimes there's a holiday to consider too but I am sure anyone will get an answer eventually. :-D
Happy tatting from Denmark.