24 July 2015

The Oval and Shuttles
Now the oval doily is finished. It took a bit longer than I had planned for various reasons.

The diameter is around 37 cm.

The threads are Lizbeth size 20 - the variegated is Scottish Thisle.

It is a bit fiddly to tat because of all those small motifs and they also makes it sort of loose which again requires quite some blocking so it will be flat. I managed to do it but because of those reasons I will not do it again.

On Facebook turned a transparnt shuttle up which was made in Japan. Transparent shuttles are rare I guess and someone started a petition there for Clover to put it into production.
Meanwhile the Japanese maker of the shuttle made it available for purchase and I was able to get a transparent one and a milk white one from them. The first time ever I have purchased anything from Japan and in their currency. They arrived here in only 4 days which is very quickly. And all thanks to the Internet.

I have just finished another doily and is hiding ends so it will turn up here in a day or two. And then it is back to finishing the Renulek 2015 Spring Doily.