30 November 2008

A start

This favourite bookmark was the one I decided to do as the first tatting after the break. It is done now and isn't perfect but it is a start. Hopefully I will be able to do a couple of things for Christmas now even though I can only tat a couple of rings and chains at a time.
It is not easy for me to tat yet, I have a problem with bending my wrist and also 1-2 fingers. It's taken a lot longer than expected this time and it is not only a question of age but not sure what else it is caused by. It is a pain when you can not use your hand properly after 8 weeks and it also hurts. It is so annoying but I do hope to be able to tat something bigger again one day.

01 November 2008

A Day With a Lot of Tatting

Yahooooo, what a great day it has been so far today, almost a tatting day, lol. At least a tatting day in the meaning that my new Sewmate shuttles without a point have arrived from the US. The colours are so pretty and the Sewmate shuttle I already have is very nice even though the point cuts my fingers a little bit.
I really welcomed the postie today because besides the shuttles he also brought me my Guild magazine. I have mentioned that before so I am going to show the front of the latest issue here.
It's been almost as good as doing some tatting, roflol. I am sure I will sit and drool over the magazine most of this day, oh I think I have already seen a doily in it that is a must-do, there's a cute grey Christmas mouse, a Celtic Christmas tree and some other stuff. And there's also some interesting reading about some tatdays and about the Horstmar 2008 Tat-day that even some ladies from Japan were able to attend.