19 September 2009

A Spoiled Tatter

I hope my readers do not mind a little bragging. But I have been so spoiled at my birthday recently and I want to share the tatting treats. Let's see what the mailman brought me.
First a lovely Namaste bag from Australia, now isn't that a pretty one. Tatters are usually not only crazy about books, shuttles and threads. We are also users of various bags for our portable craft. A big thank you to Maureen for gifting me with this.
Another mailman brought me yet another gift and that also happens to come from Australia. Look carefully and see all those lovely colourful rings, the hair clips, the clover shuttle and those things for winding threads on - and these are made of plastic and not cardboard which are the only ones I can get here. Oh what a treat this is, I hardly have words to explain how pleased I am. A big "tusind tak" to Jenni, my mate downunder.
But hey there's more, a lovely ball of variegated thread. Yahoo, and I do cherish those threads. It is a Milford thread, which is a new one to me, and what a treat it will be to try that out.
And the thread have been put into something. Can you guess what it is? It is a container that once held some of the stuff that you use for making a Pavlova (I hope it is the right name) which I think is the national dessert of Australia. Isn't it awesome and just perfect for transporting my tatting too. I look forward to using it, so another big thank you very much to Jenni.
Do you know what wandering threads are? I have to admit that untill
recently I didn't, but honestly it is the right name
for the thread to the right. Yes you are right if you recognize it as some of Yarnplayer's incredible beautiful HDT's. But because of horrible customs and fees etc. it didn't go directly from the US to me but went via Australia on the way, so it has travelled more than half the way around the globe, from the north to the south and then back north, roflol. That is why I think it is a wandering thread - or maybe a globetrotter thread. It was a treat I gave myself sometime ago and it only turned into a success because of Yarnplayers kindness. And one skien stayed with Liyarra as a thank you for the help.
Don't you agree that I am a spoiled tatter - I feel so loved not just because of the gifts but also because of the efforts those 3 fellow tatters have put into making my day. Thank you.