01 November 2008

A Day With a Lot of Tatting

Yahooooo, what a great day it has been so far today, almost a tatting day, lol. At least a tatting day in the meaning that my new Sewmate shuttles without a point have arrived from the US. The colours are so pretty and the Sewmate shuttle I already have is very nice even though the point cuts my fingers a little bit.
I really welcomed the postie today because besides the shuttles he also brought me my Guild magazine. I have mentioned that before so I am going to show the front of the latest issue here.
It's been almost as good as doing some tatting, roflol. I am sure I will sit and drool over the magazine most of this day, oh I think I have already seen a doily in it that is a must-do, there's a cute grey Christmas mouse, a Celtic Christmas tree and some other stuff. And there's also some interesting reading about some tatdays and about the Horstmar 2008 Tat-day that even some ladies from Japan were able to attend.


Gina said...

I'll bet you are planning the most wonderful tatting projects when you finally get to tat. Wishing you a very quick healing!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is some guild magazine. My lace guild magazine is from IOLI and it is mostly bobbin lace. Lucky you!!! Enjoy your shuttles when the time is right! :O)

AnneB said...

Planning projects is half the fun :-)
Hope your hand is healing quicly!

rainbows and raindrops said...

Those shuttles are nice! Happy tatting.

Ridgewoman said...

Hello! Just wanted to know that you have another 'follower' (call than a fan of your tatting). My paternal grandfather came directly from Denmark; I wish I knew which area.. But he use to try to teach me Danish when I was three years old; and he called me his "Danska Prima" I still miss him, and I'm 72! LOL
You will soon be back to tatting. You do such lovely work. I, too, love Highly Dangerous Threads from Pamela, Yarnplayer, and LadyShuttlemaker. Isn't Rainbow
Bright fun and happy?
Best Wishes for a speedy recovery,

another Danska, Bev aka Ridgetatter