30 July 2011

Spring Garden doily 1

Finished this a couple of days ago but just managed to scan it. It is another Polish doily so not much information I am able to give because I don't read Polish but it is diagrammed.

Variegated colour is Spring Garden in Lizbeth, the green is Flora. Both in size 20.
Diameter is around 14 cm.

24 July 2011

Another doily

Right from the shuttle an originally oval doily where I turned one of the ends into a round one and made my own center too. Pattern from a Polish magazine, designer unknown to me.
Diameter 18 cm, a combination of Lizbeth and Aida both in size 20.

15 July 2011

Purple tatting

Picture below shows some purple tatting - a doily and a pair of candle holders done in Flora size 20. The doily is designed by Inga Madsen and I think the candle holders are her design too - at least both patterns comes from my Guild magazine.

Sorry it's been a long time since my last posting which have been caused by bad health and too little time - and I have not tatted a lot either.
I don't have anything witty or smart to say either so for the time being this will just turn into some sort of tatting journal. See you next time - whenever that might be.

And sorry for the picture being a bit poorly.