03 November 2010

A search have ended - I think

A very long time ago - at least a year - I stumbled over a picture of a doily on the web and I fell in love with that design. Unfortunately there was no pattern and I myself and others asked around but noone seemed to know where the pattern was from. So I was not able to purchase the pattern but I did have the picture and because the design was a bit familiar to me I have tried to make my own. I think I have managed to make a good doily out of it.
Thread is Lizbeth size 40 and diameter is around 19 cm. Two of the rounds on this reminds me so much of the bookmarks I have done several times - maybe that is why it was not so hard to reconstruct the patern, lol.
If someone knows where the original pattern can be found for this doily I would still love to know so I would also be able to credit the designer. But for now my search have ended - at least for this design ;-D