21 February 2009

Winter over soon I hope

We just had a little snow but now it has stopped. I wish spring was around the corner but I don't think so, unfortunately. As I have told I have been knitting some socks this winter and I have been asked if I would show them somehow, so here is a picture.I got carried away because of these new yarns where the colour changes and makes some sort of patterns. On 3 of them I combined with a solid colour simply because I think the patterns would look strange on the heal of the sock - that is just the way I am, lol. And it is probably also because that is the way my mother used to do it too.
The purple-pink one is partially a yarn with bamboo and the first time I have uesd that, it was very nice to knit with.
In a little while I want to try get back to do some tatting I just got my Guild magazine today and there are a couple of smaller things in it that I might give a try and see if it works at last. So I hope in the near future to have some tatting again here at my blog.