23 December 2007

New Square

I am working on a new square. It is a pattern from a German site, originally a runner but I am only testing it so I am doing a small square doily. I am doing it in red, I wonder if it is because of Christmas that I am tatting so much in red.
By the way Merry Christmas if there's someone out there reading this.
I have finished the square so I have put a picture of the finished work here now.
Glædelig jul til dem der måtte læse dette.

09 December 2007

Christmas Tatting

Here is the Christmas tatting done by me this year. Xmas bells.

The design is Inger Kristensens - another great design from her.


Tusind tak til Inger for at jeg måtte orkere dette mønster.

04 December 2007

I am a tatter

I have shown a lot of knitting here and the knitting have done my arm so much good so I will continue to do that. But first of all I am a tatter, tatting is the love of my craft world.
Andreas got his scarf in the mail today and much to my surprise his mother told me when she phoned me, that she wanted to use it for him. I am so happy I have been able to do something for him that he will actually use. I hope the same thing will happen to the blue sweater that I will knit for him - he will come for a visit here on the 15th but I can not manage to get it done till then. I was told that he's got 2 teeth now, lol.
I have not had time to tat today so my work in progress is very much still in progress. But I have finally got that ribbon that I needed for the red heart that I tatted a while ago, so here is a picture of the finished heart. It will soon go into the mail and travel down to my Christmas exchange partner.
Det ender jo snart med, at jeg får helt travlt når Andreas og hans forældre kommer og skal spise aftensmad her næste lørdag, men hvor er det rart, at de gider komme så jeg ser frem til det. Han er nu 9 måneder og jeg tror han har alderen til et større tøjdyr, jeg tror jeg skal ud at se på en tøjhund til ham. Hans mor vil sikkert ryste på hovedet af mig, men han bliver nok glad, :-).

03 December 2007

Tatting WIP1

I am tatting a little bit right now so I have better put a picture here of my work in progress.
Not a lot to say about it, it is a small doily from my last guild magazine.
I will add more when I have tatted some more.
The pattern is a bit tricky so it is going a bit slowly.

Jenni got her socks last week and she is enjoying them. Oh I am so happy she likes them even though it is summer down there.