24 May 2014

Stawasz doily and Lizbeth threads
A few days ago I finished another doily from my new Stawasz book (page 58-59). Or rather I did a part of the doily because I did not particularly fanzy the entire doily.
So I stopped where I thought it would be appropriate but did add a couple of rounds made of chains only, because I thought the doily was a bit unfinished with a round of rings and chains turning opposite.
Thread is Lizbeth size 20 and the diameter is almost 18 cm. Sorry I can not remember what number the variegated is right now.
There has been comments about the Lizbeth threads online lately. It seems there are some tatters having trouble with the thread, it twists and have knots in inconvinient places which I am very sad to hear.
I have to say that so far it has not really failed me. Yes sometimes it does twist but so do the DMC, Aida and the Flora etc. sometimes and in those cases I put the shuttle through the ring before I close the ring. There are no tatting threads really available locally so I have to buy at meetings or online and so many threads are not available anymore. DMC, Aida, Flora and Lizbeth are the ones working best for me so I buy some when I can. So I hope Lizbeth wont disappoint me like it has happened to others.
It is no secret that I have a favourite bookmark I have done numerous times.
I needed to enlarge my stock of those so I made one in each of the new variegated Lizbeth colours that I got from Roseground and from the Guilds annual meeting. These are all size 20.
It is nice to see how the colours work when they have been tatted and now I also have something to look at when choosing a colour for projects planned for the near future.

06 May 2014

Another doily part
For some days I thought I could not access this blog, but it was just me being silly really - and when I clicked in the right place it all looked like it used too. LOL
I have continued working with some of my new Lizbeths and looking through the Stawasz book. A few days ago I was able to finish this doily - or rather a part of a doily from that book.
Part of the doily was a bit tricky but mostly it worked fine and it went quite quickly - in contrast to the ones I have started since this was finished, roflol.
Thread is Lizbeth size 20.
Diameter is 20 cm.