28 March 2010

Eggs for Easter

I have started to tat a little again and hope I will do a bit in the weeks to come, but I wont overdo it.
Did a couple of eggs for Easter, which seems appropriate right now. I got inspired when I saw on Sulu's blog what she had done. I could not make an advanced flower so this is my solution.
They are done in Aida size 20.
To inspire myself I have also bought some lovely HDT's from Tatskool in Ireland. I hope to be able to tat something with them in the near future.
It feels very nice to do some tatting again.

15 March 2010

Still around but knitting

I am still around and have not forgotten my blog, no way, even though it's been very quiet here.
I have not really tatted for more than 3 months but I hope to try again around Easter, hopefully. But I have not been lazy, I have been able to knit some socks (again!!! - yes I know). I have a picture of the ones for myself but have done others too that are going to be a gift and because the reciever reads this blog I can not show them untill next winter. ;-)

Tatting is still very much on my mind and I miss it terribly. That is why I have been shopping some HDT from Ireland, an encouragement for starting again. And I am also working on a small tatting meeting the weekend after Easter - more to come later.
I hope you like my socks - they have been very useful this winter which have been so cold and with lots of snow for almost the last 3 months. But finally spring seems to be on it's way. Yahoo.
I will be back soon.