08 May 2008

Snowflake in May

It is the most incredible and beautiful spring around here with temperatures around and above 20 C, and yet I have been tatting a snowflake, lol.
I was inspired after having seen Tattingchic's picture at Etatters and I just had to do it because I liked it so much. The pattern is a Tina Frauberger design and perhaps I chose the wrong colour for it, it is a Flora size 20.
I had on my mind that sometimes snow can be so white that it's got a vague blue shine, but of course this thread also have a pink one and I have not seen that in real life. Well I am most certain that this will not be the last time I tat it, it was such a big pleasure to do it.
And anyhow it is a beautiful snowflake. Even in May.
Det er nok fjollet at orkere dette design når det er maj måned og det flotteste forårsvejr man næsten kan tænke sig, hvor temperaturen er omkring eller over 20 grader og solen skinner fra en skyfri himmel. Men jeg måtte prøve denne, selvom den egentlig hører julen til. Men måske valgte jeg den forkerte farve tråd, for nok kan sne have et blåt skær over sig, men jeg har godt nok aldrig set den pinke farve. Næste gang vælger jeg en bedre farve, for der bliver en næste gang.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your snowflake is beautiful, and the color is perfect! My 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students researched snowflakes this winter, and they were surprised to learn that snowflakes can be blue or red, depending on the atmospheric dust in the region where they are formed. Therefore, your snowflake is the perfect color!

Unknown said...

I think your snowflake is the perfect color because some places it still snows in May, like Utah. Just ask Marty! Therefore I think a spring colored snowflake is in perfect order.
Diane, I had no idea that snowflakes did that. How interesting.

Susanne said...

Thank you for the lovely words about my snowflake.
Oh it is good to know snowflakes can be a little bit red too. I had no idea so thanks for telling me.
Snow in May sounds strange to me, summer then can not last a long time in Utah. And I thought our winters up here were hard and long, lol.