25 November 2007

Scarf for Andreas

I am still awaiting the yarn so I can finish my purple sweater.
In the meantime I have tatted a little bit but it does not look that good. It is not the tension that is my problem after the long break but it is not as even as I would like it to be. I don't know if it is caused by the arm or what.
At nights I have also knitted a little bit again, this time a scarf for a little boy. His name is Andreas and the pictures of him were taken two months ago when he was 7 months old. His mother is my youngest niece.
I will probably not have a lot to do with him at all but he is a cute little boy and I thought he would need a scarf to keep him warm. I just hope his mother thinks so too but no matter what I had fun knitting it. And the yarn is so soft and suited for a baby, some leftovers from a sweater years ago.
Ih du godeste, hvor det dog tog lang tid at få indlægget ovenfor til at se ordentlig ud. Enten er jeg fummelfingret eller også er det ret svært her at få placeret tekst og billeder rigtigt og ordentligt i forhold til hinanden hos blogger. Eller også er det bare mig, formentlig fordi det var sent på aftenen. Det er vist meget heldigt at jeg skal i seng, jeg vil skynde mig derind.

18 November 2007

My purple sweater

Earlier I have shown or mentioned the yarn that I bought for a sweater. I have forgotten to post a picture of the sweater here so I have better do it now because in a little while it will be done.
In this picture it looks like the sweater is blue but it really isn't because it is so definitely purple. Not sure why but sometimes the pictures taken by my digital camera do not show a colour the way it really is.
All that is missing now is putting the arms on and to knit the neck part, and after that is done I will have a nice warm sweater.

12 November 2007

A tatted heart

I promised to add the picture of the tatted heart here when it was ready for presentation, so here it is ..... yahoo, lol.
The original had a sort of golden band through the outer round but I do not really have that in my stash right now, so it will have to wait till later.
It is tatted in red Aida size 20 and I got the pattern from my latest Guild magazine and it is designed by Grethe Skov. The Danish Tatting Guild - Dansk Orkisforening - is more than 10 years old and it covers all of DK and have more than 500 members. I get my magazine three times a year and there are some patterns in everyone of them.

11 November 2007

Socks for my mate

It's been quite a while since I have posted here so I have better do it today.
I have been quite busy knitting mostly, I have started a sweater of that lovely purple yarn (picture to come later) and then I have finished a pair of socks for a very dear friend of mine.
It is the first pair I have knitted with this yarn and I do hope, that they will fit her feet even though the foot does not look to be very wide. But I can put my foot in one of them. I hope she will like the yarn and enjoy her first pair of knitted socks. I will try to get them in the mail this week.
It looks like the knitting have done my arm some good so I can perhaps return to tatting a little bit also. Actually I have tatted a heart pattern from my Guild magazine, it needs ironing before I can show it here but if I get that done today then I will post a picture of it tomorrow.
Endelig var jeg i stand til at etablere en kommentar boks her. Jeg har fumlet rundt længe og ikke kunnet finde ud af det men nu lykkedes det, så er jeg da ikke helt hjernedød, ha, ha. Nu må jeg så bare håbe, at der er nogen der gider skrive til mig ;-D