20 April 2010

An 'old' one and a WIP

It has been a very productive tatting time these last couple of weeks - at least for me.
I had started a doily before the meeting in the capital that I brought with me on the trip and was able to finish it when I returned back home.
It is wellknown pattern for me, it is the Lund doily that I have done several times in different variations.
This time I have used one of the HDT's from Tatskool and combined it with some white DMC. It is a lovely thread to tat with, size 20.
I am also testing the Sage Rose that I mentioned in the previous post and also combined that with a white DMC in size 30.
The Bre-Aly thread felt very strong - very important for a tight tatter like me - and was very nice to tat with that is for sure.
I just had to get used to it not being as smooth as those I have used before. It was as if it had very small bumps but nothing major that affected the closing of the rings. It is just a matter of what I am used to I think.
It is still a work in progress because there's the last round to do, and I hope I will be able to finish it within a week or so.


Liyarra said...

They look fantastic! I agree - it is a favourite pattern - one of the few I have done more than once...hmmm wonder who put me onto it???
The Bre-Aly thread does feel a little different but once you give it a press it should feel as smooth as the others.
I am glad you are back tatting

Vinnie said...

The doily looks wonderful.

Fox said...

I am glad to see so many new posts from you as well! This is a particularly pretty piece. Lovely work.
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

I love the way you make the doileys with a white contrast, something i must try.

Unknown said...

Those are very nice doilies. You've been tatting a lot it looks like and did a good job! :)
~TattingChic ♥

Kjellaug said...

The doily looks wonderful.

Sulu said...

It's really pretty. :D I'm so glad I got to see so much of your work in Copenhagen. :D