04 May 2010

WIP is finished now

Now I have been able to finish the WIP I mentioned in the earlier message.
The thread is a combination of the Sage Rose and a DMC size 30. The diameter is around 18.5 cm.
The pattern is one AnneB have reconstructed and which she kindly shared with me after I had seen her doily at the meeting in the capital last month.
Anne, thank you for letting me do this one, I have really enjoyed it a lot and I think my outcome is OK even though I perhaps should have comebined the colours differently. The thread was also a joy to work with, a little rough perhaps but not a problem once you're used to it.
To use up the Sage Rose thread I did a Frauberger snowflake. I was afraid there wouldn't be enough of it for the entire snowflake so I also combined that with the white DMC 30. It is not excactly identical to Frauberger's pattern, I did a mistake but did it on all 4 sides so I think it now can be called a variation, lol. And her designs are such a joy to do.
I still have a small bit of thread left from the Sage Rose skien and I do think it would have been sufficient for the last round of the snowflake anyhow.


Vinnie said...

Both of your pieces are beautifully tatted. A treat for the eyes.

Gina said...

I love the color combination. Sage Rose is very pretty and nicely offset by the white. Great job!

Fox said...

Wonderful tatting! This is such a gorgeous pattern.
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

It's fabulous. Lovely tatting.

Liyarra said...

oh wow!!! That is such a pretty doily and the colors look good together.

Do you need more Sage Rose?? I can hand deliver it to Denmark if you want LOL!!

I have some other very pretty ones I will send to you soon.


Sulu said...

Really beautiful. Well done!

AnneB said...

Looking very nice!

Carla said...

Wonderful doily!