08 April 2010

A week with lots of tatting

This week is really one with a lot of tatting on my part. First of all there was the first Tat and Chat with Liyarra the other day. It was so nice to be able to do it after a very long break where we had not been able to find the right moment to do one. It is always a lot of fun doing them and if you want to see what we tatted then go here to take a look: http://liyarrastattingnook.blogspot.com/
Recently I also bought myself some new HDT's to tat with - not sure what I will use them for yet though.
I love the colours and thanks Tatskool for the lovely threads and the extra free sample.
Finally there's a small tatting get together I am attending. Saturday morning I am taking the train to the capital to meet with AnneB from Norway and with Sulu who lives there. I really look forward to meeting those 2 girls, it will most likely be a lot of fun. We will be talking and looking at tatting and perhaps have a little time to sit and tat together.
I will return home on Sunday and I will most likely come back to this subject after the weekend.

So this is definitely a good week filled with tatting on some days off from work. And itsn't that what matters for us?


Fox said...

Susanne, you are having a wonderful tat-week! I am so impressed that you and Liyarra have been having those tat-talks for YEARS! How lovely for you both.

And meeting AnneB! I am envious!

The threads from Tatskool are so beautiful. I look forward to seeing what enchantment your tatting will bring forth!

Enjoy your visit and your threads!
Fox : )

Susanne said...

Thanks Fox, I will enjoy the threads and the meeting.
Yes the Tat and Chats are lovely and so important for my tatting, and she is such a great friend to have.
I am a lucky girl.

IsDihara said...

Your new threads are scrumptious-looking! Can't wait to see what you make with them.

Yes, reading of your Tat-talks with Liyarra left me green with envy! (I used to synch-up my VHS recorder and phone a dear friend and chat about American Trival Style belly dance videos over the phone, back before video chats and internet blogs. So I know how wonderful these tat-chats can be!)

Enjoy your outting with AnneB and Sulu. Sounds like great fun!