05 March 2014

From a runner to a Square

In my guild magazine from last summer is a runner designed by Anna Maria Hansen in green and yellow.
I intended to try that design  but the yellow center is so fiddly to do that I decided to just do the square in the picture.
It comes directly from the shuttles and I used my new Manuela threads, size 20. It is too soon for me to judge the thread really, but it took some getting adjusted to working with it.
I am not overly happy with this square, my next project is looking more promising.


StringyDogs said...

I love the colors!

God's Kid said...

Your square looks really nice!! :)

Fox said...


Maureen said...

I like it!! - and you have so much thread, why not just make a runner by joining lots of these squares? It would look very elegant, I think.