16 March 2014

A minor disaster
I have been working on this doily almost all week. I was on the last round when I discovered a mistake on a previous round which meant that the last round would not work, so I cut that off at once. Now I am not even sure I want to finish this one because it has been such a pain doing it and then I can also see that it probably wont lie flat without ironing.

While I consider if I will finish this or not I have decided to join the Renulek doily at Intatters. I do not think I will do all the doily but stop at a appropriate place where it will work and it wont be too big for my liking, lol. I also have some Easter ornaments to finish within the next 2 weeks.


Jane McLellan said...

Such a pretty thread, it would be a shame not to finish.

Maureen said...

It happens to all of us, at some point! - and soon I am going to start the Spring Napkin as well - as soon as I have tatted something blue for the wedding!

StringyDogs said...

Oh! I am so sorry you had to cut off a round. I think this is why I have been afraid to try a doily. I can mess up on one row and never know it-- unless there is another!

But, keep working. There are many, many good patterns out there!

God's Kid said...

That looks very pretty and lacy!!! :)