03 November 2010

A search have ended - I think

A very long time ago - at least a year - I stumbled over a picture of a doily on the web and I fell in love with that design. Unfortunately there was no pattern and I myself and others asked around but noone seemed to know where the pattern was from. So I was not able to purchase the pattern but I did have the picture and because the design was a bit familiar to me I have tried to make my own. I think I have managed to make a good doily out of it.
Thread is Lizbeth size 40 and diameter is around 19 cm. Two of the rounds on this reminds me so much of the bookmarks I have done several times - maybe that is why it was not so hard to reconstruct the patern, lol.
If someone knows where the original pattern can be found for this doily I would still love to know so I would also be able to credit the designer. But for now my search have ended - at least for this design ;-D


Michelle said...

It's very lovely. If you don't hear about a pattern now, maybe you could give us yours?

God's Kid said...

That doily looks so amazingly beautiful! I love the variegated colors for the "flowers". :)

IsDihara said...

Ooh, what a beautiful doily! As size 40 (and size 50) are my favorite threads with which to tat, I would love to try this doily.

What variegated thread colorway did you use? It is simply stunning.

In the absence of the original, would you be willing to share your pattern notes?

Karen T said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the colors and how flowery it looks.

Susanne said...

Thank you very much for the lovely words regarding the doily.
The variegated thread is called "Vineyard Harvest".

I wish I could share my notes but unfortunately I can not do that, sorry. I would be breaking the copyright rules if I publish my notes because anyhow the doily is a deriviation of the original. And I don't want to break those rules.

Fox said...

This is sweet!

I know why I like it so much: it has that same flowery edging as the bookmark we talked about... Lovely!

Fox : )

Liyarra said...

It looks lovely. I am glad you worked out how to get it done.

RankkaApina said...

This is really beautiful! Maybe I can work it out from your picture... :)

Frivole said...


I've just stumbled across your blog. You have a lovely selection of doilies. But this one particularly grabbed my attention - what a great colour! Can you please tell me what the variegated colour is called? Many thanks.