31 October 2010

Two tatters touring, part 3

When we went to Zealand we of course also had to be tourists in the capital where we spent an entire day and among other things took a boatride to be able to see as much as possible.

The first picture is a statue of the warrior-bishop Absalon who more than 800 years ago founded the city. The next picture is the pretty area called Nyhavn with all the colourfull houses earlier owned by sailors. Third picture is the spire of the church belonging to the navy.
Next row is the stock exchange from 1640, the marble bridge to the parliament which is the 3rd castle there and this previous was royal and to the far right the new opera donated by a very wealthy business man.
Third row is the town hall, the royal palace where the Queen lives in winter and to the far right the Rosenborg Casle where the crown juwels are guarded by the royal guardsmen.
Bottom row is the old royal library, part of the naval quarters at the old fortress and finally the entrance to the brewery called Carlsberg.
When you visit Copenhagen you can not leave out a visit to the Tivoli. The pictures here show the main entrance and the Pantomime Theatre. The rest of the pictures are just from around the Tivoli by day or when all the lights has been turned on.
It really is an amusement park and I believe it is one of the eldest in the world (if not the oldest) and it is situated right in the center of town, actually almost next to the Town Hall.
It is a must-see for all Danes, at least one visit, and also very famous worldwide.
After a long day in Copenhagen we jumped on the train and were back at my place almost 4 hours later. I was very tired I have to admit, lol. But I hope Liyarra got an impression of the place, actually we had taken so many pictures of all the places we saw that it was hard to choose which ones to show. I hope you do not think there are too many here.
I didn't get much tatting done during Liyarra's visit but afterwards I have been able to tat quite a bit. Above is a small doily I have done in Lizbeth threads, the pattern is from AnneB's website.


Fox said...

Thank you for the wonderful photos! They are so enticing you may have another guest!

Anne's pattern is so pretty in the thread you have chosen. Very nice.
Fox : )

Ginny W said...

it looks like you had a great time together! I hope some day to come over and see it also it looks beautiful.