03 October 2010

Tatting time after a lovely visit

Liyarra have gone home after almost 3 weeks at my place. It is so weird here now without her, :-( Thank you very much for coming and I hope you'll come back some other time if you're able to.
I think we had a lovely time together and we certainly were busy running around to see some of the sights here, so for me personally there was not a lot time for tatting and unfortunately not enough for learning all the stuff I had hoped to, so I will have to manage tatting with the knowledge that I have.
This first week on my own I have manged to do some stuff and 2 of the items are shown below. The square is from a Workbasket magazine and the other one is a Stawasz design - the purple one on Liyarra's blog actually. The white one is DMC size 20 and the coloured one is a combination of a variegated Lizbeth and a white DMC, both size 40.
There's a couple of more things to show, both tatting and some lovely gifts and purchases. There's also some things to tell and show about from the 3 weeks my guest was here, so I hope I will be able to blog here a little more than I have done for the past many months. As time permits I will share some of the memories and the things at this place. So stay tuned and I will try and be back very soon.


God's Kid said...

Those are some awesome tatting designs and colors! :)

Liyarra said...

They look great!! I enjoyed my time there = pity tatting didn't feature a bit more but we were so busy!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm so glad you had a great visit with Liarra. I first became aware of your blog through Liyarra's after she joined the 25-Motif, and I am boggled by the tatting both of you have done, especially those amazing doilies in wonderful colors and thread choices!

I'm especially intrigued at your tatting story, where you bounce back and forth between knitting and tatting! I myself did the same thing (once I learned to tat 20 years ago - I've been knitting for 50 years!), so I can empathize! I think I recognize some of those 'striping' yarns!

You seem to easily pick up where you left off with 'unfinished' projects.
I haven't had as much success with that!

I especeially like this pattern by Jan Stawasz in the thread you used. I'd love to have his book. I haven't heard if his health has improved.

It's also interesting to see the clock on your blog. You're 6 hours ahead of those of us in the Eastern U.S. time zone.

Fox said...

Those motifs are wonderful!

I am so glad you and Liyarra had a good visit.

Imagine - two people from across the world drawn together for a visit in one place through tatting! I love it.
Fox : )

Maureen said...

I loved hearing all about the exciting things you did together - and now you're back to tatting your beautiful white-and-coloured pieces, with all those memories to keep!

Tatskool said...

ready and waiting for the next installment, glad to hear you had such a good time together.

Unknown said...

Your motifs are lovely and I've enjoyed reading about your visit with your dear friend, Liyarra! How fun for both of you!