05 September 2010

Where tatting can take you

It's been 4 months since I have written here and some might think I have given up my blog. But I haven't, it is just that I have not tatted much for months due to health issues and some other stuff. But there's something I want to say and it has to be today or it will be "old news".
I discovered tatting online 8 years ago and it has had an impact on my tatting skills and mostly been a huge source of inspiration which I needed so badly. What I did not know then was all the friends I would get worldwide because we all make small knots with fine threads.
Right now Liyarra is sitting in a plane 10-11 km above the surface of the earth somewhere between Singapore and London and in about 19 hours she will arrive here where I live. Lots of things have happened but after all it was possible to make the trip.
I know it is a hard and very long way coming here from Australia but I hope she will think it is worth every minute it takes because it is my plan that we are going to have 19 wonderful days together. We will be tourists here, we will tat, we are going to a tat-day to meet a lot of Danish tatters and most of all we will spend time together as very close friends. I am so looking forward to her arrival, I have had a billion butterflies in my stomach these last 2-3 days because it is getting so close now.
I do not hope you who might read this think it's been boring or a weird thing to write about. I am sure there will be tatting to write about and show these next 3 weeks. But you see tatting can take us anywhere and in more than one way.
The picture is just a small motif I have done, nothing special though. There's also a doily to post here but Liyarra have to see it first because there's some symbolism in the way I have done it.
Now it is back to handling all those butterflies and some final preparations to do. See you.


God's Kid said...

That is a very pretty motif! :)

Gina said...

Some of my greatest friendships have developed through tatting and it is so exciting to finally meet face to face. have a wonderful time!!!!

Fox said...

I have a tear in my eye!

How very exciting for you both. Actually, I have been wondering when Liyarra was scheduled to arrive and I am so happy that it is now.

Good luck with those butterflies! It is going to be wonderful!

The motif is lovely.
Fox : )

Ridgewoman said...

How absolutly wonderful to get to spend time with a tatting friend that you've met via internet. I know there are a couple of ladies I'd love spending time with myself. How very fortunate that she has the where wit hall to make this come true for you. I do hope you are feeling better as I know what it is to be unwell. I don't think this post was weird at all; you are just being thankful about being blessed by a tatting visitor! 19 days, I'm so happy for you. love, Bev (that other Dane)

victats@gmail.com said...

Glad to see you're posting again. Sorry to hear that you were having health issues. The best part of tatting online is the people you meet. I hope you guys have a great visit!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

How wonderful! I'm sure the two of you will have a fabulous time together!

Suzanne said...

It will be wonderful and you will both have a fabulous time. I just know it. The internet has made so many things possible. It is very important to follow through on the friendships made through blogland. 3-D people are infinitely more interesting than we can know from reading their thoughts.

Tatskool said...

Have a great time together....and be sure to report back!

Madhur Dadlani said...

Happy Birthday Susanne. I hope you two are having a wonderful time. May be....I am also able to do what Jenni did! I so desperately wish to meet some of my friends who are members on intatters. Who know....some day....perhaps.....

Anonymous said...

Fantastic site, I hadn't come across dantatter.blogspot.com previously during my searches!
Keep up the fantastic work!

Art by JoyMac said...

Hi There,
A big Hi to Lyarra I do hope that you all have a fabulous time together dont forget to send our Lyarra back safely to us LOL..... we couldnt do without her here in Melbourne Victoria.
Love and hugs

Liyarra said...

Lately I have been thinking very much about that trip.
At the time there was so much grief after losing Jamie that July and I don't think I was at all fair on you arriving there in the condition I was.
only now I have started looking again at the photos and seeing what I did not appreciate at the time.The amount of effort and tome you took in planning and making it such a worthwhile trip.
so a very belated thank you. And a public apology for my not handling myself as well as you deserved.
I miss you and our tatting sessions.