23 May 2009

Guild doily

I think it is the first time I have posted twice here on the same day, lol.
I am in a doily mood right now, and even though I have been sick an entire week with a very nasty cold, I was able to tat a bit now and then - it is possible to tat in bed if you elevate the head part of the bed, roflol.
The pattern for this comes from my Guild magazine and was designed by one of the members. I am so fortunate to have that national Guild sending out magazines 3 times a year, it is the only domestic tatting contacts I have got and I always look forward to recieving the magazine in the mail.
The next projet have already been started - it is a doily from that Russian site that was discussed in Online Classes this week. A day or two more and it will be done too.


Valerie said...

the doily is lovely.

Unknown said...

The doily you made from your guild magazine is very beautiful! You are right!
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today about the tatted heart. :)

Fox said...

Hope you are feeling much better.

I would never have guessed you were not well by looking at the lovely work you have posted!

Nice with the white. : ) Fox