23 May 2009

Bookmark exchange

Like so many others I have also taken part in the bookmark exchange at Intatters. Beverly in the US was my partner and sent me no less than 2 bookmarks. The third one is one I sent her.

I also got 2 postcards from New Mexico, it looks so different from where I am.
Thank you very much for the cards and the lovely bookmarks, you've done a great job and I will cherish them.
Beverly, I hope it is OK I used your pictures here!


Bonnie said...

All of the bookmarks are beautiful. I bet it was fun to send and fun to receive.

Unknown said...

Nice bookmarks! :) You've been doing a lot f tatting, haven't you!?

Ridgewoman said...

I love the bookmark you sent me...the colors are so lovely; and, I put it in my Bible...
happy colors!
I pray your are feeling better.
X Bev