24 May 2008

Ice cream tatting

I have had a request to show my ice cream cone here even though it is a couple of years since I did it, so here it is. I believe it was some sort of challenge for the hardcore ICT-tatters, lol. I think one or two have melted since then so not sure we all have a picture to show, roflol.
Mine is vanilla with sprinkles. It was a bit fiddly to tat but it looks good. Pattern is designed by Nancy from Be-Stitched.com . Icecream is always nice and very nice on a hot day so you can cool down for a little while.
Jenni, do you remember Ballarat???
If you should happen to go there then do remember that ice cream is not available there on a Monday, we found out that their icecream shop is closed on that day, lol. We circled around the same streets a couple of times, roflol, and finally asked one of the locals and then we saw it was closed on Mondays. Such a big place and only one icecream shop. Unbelievable, lol.
Jeg er blevet opfordret til her at vise min orkerede vanilje isvaffel med krymmel, selvom den er af ældre dato og bloggen egentlig er tænkt til mine nye ting. Men det er jo is og det er altid dejligt, så her er den.
Designet skyldes Nancy fra Be-Stitched.com, der kan man få tilsendt en fil med et nyt og gratis mønster hver tredje måned, når man altså har meldt sig til.


Unknown said...

Well, since today is Saturday you shouldn't have any problems getting a cone there, today, aye? It's okay if it's OLD some of my posts are about tatting I tatted 15 years ago. Thanks for posting your yummy ice cream cone.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your ice cream cone looks good enough to eat! I love the sprinkles!

Stephanie said...

Your ice cream cone looks yummy! The beaded sprinkles are a perfect touch!

Maureen said...

I think mine was strawberry with hundreds and thousands - (sprinkles) - wasn't it? And Ginny's was mint choc-chip, perhaps Jenni's was chocolate. I don't know what happened to mine either, I think the computer must have eaten it.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

This cone is great! I too, love the the sprinkles!

OmonSan said...

What a wonderful icecream, you just want to eat it.

Mycket vackert! Jag gillar strösslet!

Liyarra said...

I found mine a while ago but it has disappeared again. Maybe I should not look for it on a Monday eh Susanne??
Ballarat - gosh what a day - all that walking all day and then not to be able to find an ice-cream!!!
Luckily Castlemaine saved us before you went through withdrawl!!!


Susanne said...

ROFLOL Jenni, ice-creams and Mondays do not work that is for sure.