18 February 2014

Manuela, Aida and me.

I am back from the Danish-German tatting weekend and what a time we had. When time permits I will write a longer post about it, but right now this is what I will share from the trip.

year ago - or maybe more - my friend Anna phoned me from a shop in Flensborg asking me if I wanted some balls of Manuela thread which she had found there. And I said yes please do buy me some because I have never tried that thread but heard a lot of good things about it. So she very kindly did that but unfortunately we did not manage to meet untill this weekend and I think that since then she had bought the rest of the stock (140 balls) so we could buy it at this meeting. Not sure how many were left over, lol.
Above are the colours that I bought and I am definitely looking forward to working with this thread, I only tried it a bit during the weekend but it felt like a dream to work with. Pity it is so hard to get for tatting. But for the workshops I used my Aida thread so I would not waste any of my new threads during the 4 workshops we had.

One of the workshops we had included making a celtic motif and that was really a challenge for me. But afterwards we were told that we were supposed to design some sort of outer round or whatever we wanted to develop the center motif. That was another huge challenge to overcome. :-)
To the right is what I was able to do. My celtic center is not right, I made mistakes early on and challenged myself even further, but I learned from it so I guess it is the important thing. The outer round is what I designed and it was not really a struggle to do that because it is just ordinary rings, chains and clovers, the stuff I do best.
Inga asked us to send our patterns to her and she would collect them in a small leaflet which all the participants will get a copy of. I can not wait to see it because there were some awesome designs.


God's Kid said...

Your Celtic motif looks great for a first time designing one!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Love that thread your were able to obtain I used up all my Manuela it has a good slide! your motif is cute and sounds like you had lots of fun, one of these days I will go to a workshop, until then I will enjoy through blogs!

Sally Kerson said...

Many years ago I bought Manuela thread and it is still a favourite of mine, mainly because the balls go on for ever! But seriously I have a few balls left and I will be sad when they are all used up. Glad you had a good time at your tatting weekend. Interesting celtic motif.

Maureen said...

I'm glad you had such a good time, and what lovely new thread!