14 February 2014

Knots and Contacts

I am away for a weekend of great friendships and tatting. The suitcase is ready and I am catching the train in a couple of hours ready for some "Knots and Contacts".
"Knuder og kontakter" is a Danish-German weekend of tatting taking place near Flensburg in Northern Germany, a first time ever.
There will be 4 workshops but apart from Inga Madsen I am not sure who will teach there. But I am sure it will be great anyhow.
Will also be lovely to see some of my great friends and have some laughs. And maybe make some new friends.
Have a lovely weekend - I know that I will, lol.


Maureen said...

Enjoy yourself!

Madtatter80 said...

looks like you are going to have fun cute poster!

God's Kid said...

Have a good time!! :)

Karen said...

Hooray for you! Looking forward to reading all about it. Karen in OR