23 September 2007

Dan-Aus exchange

OK, here is some tatting. I have been taking part in a friendship exchange between members of the Danish Tatting Association and the Victoria Tatting Guild in Australia. This is an angel that I got from Marie in Melbourne. The design is from one of those 2 Guild magazines that I left there last year when I attended the Victoria Tatting Guilds meeting in October.
I did bookmarks for both my partners - the Japanese edging I like so much. Marie got a variegated yellow and Susan a variegated purple. No pics, sorry.
These 3 Christmas trees Susan did for me. The tree in the center I believe she designed together with another Aussie tatter and the 2 little ones are her own designs.
I do feel so lucky with the gifts from my partners, thanks to both of you.

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Unknown said...

What at sweet little angel. I just love her.