26 September 2007

My friends with 4 legs

I have 3 very dear fourlegged friends, unfortunately they are all down under so I do not see them a lot, actually I have only seen them once, lol.
First there's Bindii, a red healer. Oh she is so kind and so incredible soft - look, she's smiling in the picture. She was my breakfast buddy on the bench out in the sun - she was very good to talk with - maybe because I had müsli in my bowl and she got a taste, lol. No matter what we had some very, very good mornings there and I am a huge fan of Bindii but she is definitely Jenni's dog. The little black and white one is Terra. I think it is one of the funniest dogs I have ever met. She is truely her masters dog, follow every step Jamie takes. I can not remember what breed she is. She is lying a lot on the couch where she's got her own bed and she is sometimes called Guidi, lol.This little girl below was born in August 2006 and she is so special to me because she is the closest I have been to having a dog. She is a kelpie and she is called Alli. The left picture was taken the day in October we picked her up and because I had the money in my pocket I paid for her and she was mine for 30 minutes or so, I even sat with her in my lap in the car some of the way home. She was shivering a lot because she didn't know what was going to happen to her but I know that she's got one of the best homes a dog can have. But she could not know that when we took her away from her mother and brothers.
Today she is such a fine and big girl. She's got some other fourlegged mates there and she's also got a human Aunt up in the North and I hope to see her again someday.

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