18 August 2015

Small item but how significant
I want to share a story, one that my Guild is involved in. 

For the last 5 years members of the Danish Tatting Guild have tatted these pink bows to support the Danish Cancer Foundation which have a campaign "Support the Breasts" supporting breast cancer research. Guildmembers have tatted them for free and then they are sold for 20 DKR (3 USD). All the money goes to the Cancer Foundation.
4 months ago the Guild had sold those bows and collected more than 60.000 DKR (8925 USD) and now we are aiming at 100.000 DKR (14819 USD).
To the left is a picture of Inga Madsen handing over the first huge check to the Cancer Foundation.
So no matter how small the tatted item is, it can still have a huge impact.
And now I have joined with my first 2 tatted bows - I lost my own mother to breastcancer 15 years ago so I guess it was about time to do it.


Madtatter80 said...

I think it is a wonderful way to help out and could you put up contact information we can link to if this donation is still ongoing. Very beautiful work!

StringyDogs said...

It is wonderful! I was shocked at how much money you were able to earn with the bows. There must have been many, many bows.

I also lost my mother to breast cancer. It seems to be everywhere now.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's amazing that your group has been able to raise so much money with such a little piece of tatting. Congratulations!

Bernice said...

I have recently met Lis, Lene and Tina while on their trip to Canada. Every day they wore the pink bows. Such a great idea.